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Improve You and Dating Experiences in the New Year

For some singles they are turning over a new leaf in the New Year. They are looking forward to dating a bit differently like changing dating preferences and upgrading personal images for starters.  Courageous men and women who have never dated younger or older, a different ethnicity or even out of their hometowns are ready for new dating experiences this upcoming year, according to some online dating forums.

You might be one looking to make a difference in your life, if so, bravo to you!  Why not think outside the box?  Many of us who have dated a variety of people in our lifetime did so, because we simply got tired of doing things based on past dating experiences or teachings passed down from family.  You never know who you might cross paths with and that person just may be the one!

Now some couples are simply fed up with one another for any number of reasons including age related issues and if this is you, well you don't have to stick it out in a miserable relationship.  Fall back from the dating scene a bit, recover and then come back for some more good times when you are ready.  If you have a faith, use it--someone is out there for you!  Here are some tips on improving your future dating experiences:

1.  Work on your health.  Watch your weight.  Exercise and check in with your doctor and dentist.
2.  Don't keep ex-lovers, wives, husbands, etc. on speed dial.  Move on!
3.  Vow that you will never permit yourself to be broken spiritually, mentally or physically by a future or current partner.
4.  Keep your relatives out of your personal life. This means no updating them on dates you are not serious about.
5.  Find the time for you!  The world doesn't revolve around that new someone you meet--no matter how friendly, wealthy, attractive,etc.
6. Do your part to make some great memories when dating someone.  Don't rely on others to make you happy.
7.  If you believe in a Creator, why not practice your faith and attract someone who is spiritual like you?

With so much happening online in dating world you can never be too safe.  Take precautions when meeting someone online and never rush into doing anything with someone you barely even know!  There are countless stories of victims who just didn't bother researching before sleeping with dates and now they are either connected with the wrong partners, in jail, deceased or have their share of unwanted children or STDS (sigh).

Have a great New Year connecting with someone who is right for you! 

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Embarrassed by the Older Man's Looks

He doesn't get the invite to visit with the younger woman's family members and friends for the holidays.  His much younger girlfriend rarely wants to go out and about with him.  The truth is she secretly is embarrassed by her older companion's looks.

It is obvious they aren't a cute couple and she knows it.  The young lady doesn't like the way people look at them when they are out together.  She isn't comfortable with being in her family's presence with him either, because she knows what they will say, "He's too old for you.  He looks like your dad!"

Young ladies don't think of age difference details until they are tested by society.  Similar to an interracial relationship, it takes some getting use to for some May-December couples to be seen in public and to witness reactions.  Being behind closed doors is one thing, but being out in the open with an aging partner is something different.  One must be comfortable in his or her own skin while choosing to ignore the mean or shocking stares and comments. You can't help who you fall in love with!
If you find yourself frequently feeling uncomfortable about the relationship, discuss your concerns with your partner.  Consider your needs first and if it becomes too much to bear, maybe an age gap relationship is not for you.  Even though a person's appearance shouldn't be a big deal, it is when there are significant years between you both.  

Attraction is very important in relationships and when you don't feel attracted to a partner than you might as well face it.  Not everyone is like fine wine getting better with age--it's a harsh reality that some couples don't want to admit to.

Nicholl McGuire


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Under the Sheets: Poetry blog for poet lovers. Enjoy the entertaining love poems of Nicholl McGuire Poet/Blogger/Author/Virtual Assistant


My Experience Dating a Single Mom - The Cold Hard Truth

On Loving Those Who Have Been Abused

On Attending Family Events with a Date - Personal Experience, Self-Help Book

When I first started dating in my youth, I always found myself either accepting or declining an invite to attend my dates' family events. I will be the first to admit, I wasn't always eager to meet my companions' kin especially when I knew there was no future with them. Later in life, I would have long term relationships and find that some people were okay about occasional cancellations and others not so much. The negative talk would start about "Why didn't you come?" along with questions to see how close was I to my own family.

It wasn't that I had issues with the individuals at some of these gatherings; I just didn't feel the need to support my partners' every time they chose to connect with their families. I recall witnessing my own family quite happy when in-laws, girlfriends and boyfriends were no shows every now and then. They simply wanted to spend some time with their relatives without their better half always around. If you think about it, we do tend to let our hair down more so when partners aren't around.

Meeting someone's new girlfriend or boyfriend, in-laws, extended relatives, half sisters and brothers, etc. can be particularly burdensome especially around holidays. Do we even bother to remember all those names? We don't always want to be around our own intermediate family much less the aunt of the cousin whose friend is a friend know the feeling. 

When you are involved with someone who really enjoys the company of his or her family a little more than you do, the last thing you want to do is hurt him or her, so you go along to get along month after month or year after year until one day a light bulb goes off, "I don't want to keep doing this! I really want to do something different this year." If resentment is mixed with anger once you arrive to this revelation, those emotions are sure to bring confusion for yourself and/or household, because for so long you had chose to do some things to appease someone else.

One should never obligate his or herself to go somewhere he or she rather not just because the individual doesn't want to hurt a partner's feelings. What about yours? Keep this in mind when you read my book, Should I Go to the Party?  This isn't just a book that questions whether a party is worth attending or not, but it challenges you to establish a plan before you are faced with the dilemmas and trials that come with attending an event.  There are so many stories where people wish they had never gone somewhere and met the people that they did.

Stop the cycle of going along just to get along and look a little closer at those in your social circle who just love inviting folks to all sorts of events even when they know full well trouble-makers will be present--is it worth it?  Could accepting the wrong invitation be the end of a good relationship, friendship?  Check out

Nicholl McGuire is the author of other books including: Say Goodbye to Dad, Tell Me Mother You're Sorry, and What Else Can I do on the Internet?


The "When I Need Her" Girl - Is that You?

She is called upon only when the older gentleman is in need of her time and affection. He doesn't kiss her on the lips when they meet or have sex, because according to him, "Well that is just personal."

The well-dressed gentleman is not what you would consider a sugar daddy or even a rich gentleman--even though his wardrobe is quite deceiving, he is simply an old player. A man with many tricks who knows how to play games with silly, naive women who think they will be taken care of by him. What does love have to do with anything anyway in the player's world? Selfish men and women have agendas. Their arranged meetings, whether secretly or publicly, have little to do with love.

In the case of the mature gentleman, one who has had more than enough travel and sex in his eighty plus years on this planet, the "When I Need Her" Girl of 10 plus years is nothing more than a toy he brings out every now and then. His body is with the wife any other time. The player says what attracted him to his wife was her big breasts and legs, but others say it was her money too. The beauty his committed companion once had as well as the player has long passed away. He admits that the women loved him, but he couldn't love them, because he had no love for self.

The wife seems to be quite content just being in the moment with her player husband while the residue of drugs, sex and rock n roll still remain on her even at seventy plus years old. She is numb to the pain her mate has caused her over the years. She is emotionally spent and so she runs away in her mind whenever one starts to get to close to her personal pain settling with a player for decades. The wife was aware of more than just one of her husband's "When I Need Her" girls. She has long stopped crying and protesting and has settled with the "bad boy" she got mixed up with many years ago.

When I think of the other women, those who knew or didn't know that their lovers were married, I can't help but shiver. They didn't care much about playing second fiddle, being used whenever husbands wanted them and then later disposed. The old player, described previously, wasn't the one contributing much to the cat and mouse game, but the young women were. The man's wardrobe, housing, food, etc. was funded by women. According to the player, he has got it made.

As for the "When I Need Her" girls, well we all know where they stand...on corners, at bars, on therapists' couches, in churches, hospital beds, hiding in closets, and elsewhere wishing/hoping/praying for more than what they settled for.

Nicholl McGuire


Storytime | Dating An Older Man

Why Did I Start a Blog about Young Women and Older Men...

Sometimes I have to go back to why I even bothered to put this blog together.  I mean I didn't have to broadcast anything about subject matter like this, because well you readers know everything, right?  Actually you don't and neither do I and so the need for this blog over the years has been necessary.

We think when we meet people that we know so much.  We read articles, watch TV, hear
stories, had dating we think we can handle almost anything that comes our way when it comes to dating.  But can you really when things aren't going so well in your life?  Nope.  You are left wide open, weak for a thrill.  You want a change in routine, something new, fresh, different...I get it.  But I don't support it when you already have someone at home that loves/likes you.  I'm not encouraging a person of faith to compromise their belief for anyone.  It isn't worth losing your anointing.  I am definitely not the one who will cheer you on when you are a victim either of a turbulent relationship.

I will say that I absolutely love sharing advice and listening to stories that relate to the content on this blog.  You can always learn something new if you are open to receiving.  Don't let negative past experiences keep you from growing and loving!  I for one am quite content in my lifestyle choice (married older) and look forward to the future.  Who knows, maybe I might be a cougar one day--just kidding, but then maybe not, hmmm.

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Frustration in Relationships - Dating, Engaged, Married


Feel Left Out? Age Gap Relationships Can be Lonely

He doesn't want to bring you around his relatives or peers because he is uncomfortable with the age difference despite his saying he is okay with it.  She doesn't want you attending a family event because males in her family don't approve of you being much older.

So what do age gap couples end up doing when family and friends make them feel uncomfortable at events?  They stay home.  They say,  "Who cares?  We don't need them...We love one another."  But deep down inside maybe the young woman really wanted to be with her family and maybe the older gentleman desired to spend time with kinfolk.

We don't often hear about the challenges of dating older or younger because the people who are celebrating their new love interests are still quite blinded by sex and beauty.  But when tough times show up, they keep their business to themselves.

There is a loneliness that some couples feel when so many family members don't necessarily like their choice in a partner whether old or young.  The feeling of being casted out or not liked because of one's actions is not a good feeling especially when you are use to being the favorite in a family.

Age gap relationships can be difficult and lonely at times depending on who you might have connected to like: the selfish, stubborn, angry, controlling or rude types.  The frustrations that might arise because one didn't bother to think too deeply about how a partner might feel about relationship concerns can come spilling out between the pair in unusual ways such as: frequent disputes about meaningless things, silent treatment, pouting, passive aggressive behaviors, etc.  The fact is that people tend to be more comfortable around folks who are about the same age or a little younger or older.  They share many common interests and at times find other things that are attractive about one another.

Watch out for signs that you feel lonely in a May-December romance.  Reach out for support.  Don't fake interest when there is no longer any in a partner.  Make time to think about whether you still want to be in this kind of relationship.  Forgive yourself if it doesn't work out and allow yourself some time to reconnect with you before starting another relationship.

Nicholl McGuire


Love Dating Older, Younger?

Do you enjoy the laughter of a young, beautiful lady in your presence, mature gentleman?  Do you appreciate the maturity of a man who is almost old enough to be your dad?  Well, there is nothing wrong with that!

You are a wonderful man or woman who knows what he or she wants and even if you don't you are still learning and growing with each dating experience.  With that said, enjoy your life!  Now we aren't talking about doing something you might regret, compromising one's personal faith for a cheap thrill, or acting like a complete idiot to win favor with someone.  But what we are saying is find the space in your mind and the time in your schedule to really get to know someone.  Through the journey, you will also learn some interesting things about you.

Dating online robs many people of the joy of being with someone in a way that really makes you see and feel a person inside and out.  Instead, what happens for many the online experience becomes nothing more than a game of cat and mouse that never has a proper ending.  Even offline one feels jaded that he or she was used in the moment and then on to the next.  Feel empty yet?  Do you feel a void in your heart?  You probably have dated far too many people or met up sexually with energy vampires.

When one warns to "slow down...take it easy...stop rushing...I don't like to be pressured." they are sending a red alert flag that you are moving too fast.  They are letting you know that there is something wrong with your wiring.  Dating older or younger was never meant to be something that you turn around in 10 minutes and hope for the best.

Remember why you wanted to date older or younger in the first place?  So why speed things up? Besides you can't teach an old dog any new tricks and you can't make a young person settle down who doesn't want to.

Look beyond your personal needs and ask yourself again, "Now why do I love dating older or younger..."  Upon closer inspection you will find that there is more to why you do it than meets the eye.

Nicholl McGuire


Domestic Violence: Living in Fear | NPT Reports

Seeking an Older, Wiser, Richer Guy -- Good Luck with That!

You might get a guy who is wiser than the last boyfriend, but not richer.  You might get richer, but not wise.  You might get okay, but not sexy.  Or, you might get nothing, but another headache.  So what to do?  Accept the poor man for who he is!

You see we live in this world where we think that we can have it all.  Sure, you might feel like you won everything you ever wanted in a date, but sooner or later something in your life is going to give you a headache--whether it is that hot guy, his mother, his children, his job or all of the above.  Then what?  You trade the old man in for a new model, huh?  If that is your intention, then you learned from the best, old players out there, and I'm not judging.  That's what many of the middle-age guys having a mid-life crisis did with their wives, girlfriends, lovers, and others.  But you don't have to be that selfish dame or gold-digger.  Rather, you can drive that old guy to his grave a happy man simply by being the best you possibly can inside and out! 

You aren't perfect, Sweetheart and neither is he.  You aren't always going to look so beautiful and that's okay.  As long as you have that love-sick chap wrapped around your finger, then who cares, right?  His sister might stir up some hate (hell look at her), his mother will caution (her marriage ain't so great), and his friends (male and female) will show a bit of envy and in the end, you will win whether he leaves you or you leave still got a lot of years ahead of you (that is if your maker doesn't call you home sooner).  So enjoy your time with that man you might call your "Sugar daddy," he just might be your meant to be or that wise teacher that will direct you to where you need be.  But if not, life goes on, now doesn't it?  You can make it whether with him or not.

Nicholl McGuire
Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate


The Dark Side of Online Dating

Online Dating Safety Guide For Women
Courtesy of: Dating Metrics

Young Woman: Is He Really the Man of Your Dreams?

Couple, Silhouette, Love, Relationship
He is handsome, special, sweet, mature, kind and unique.
But when all the niceties slowly begin to fade away, what do you think you are able to put up with?

Consider the following list:

Talk too much.
Talk too little.
Lies about money.
Doesn't have much.
Isn't divorced.
Too many exes.
Doesn't want children.
Wants children.
Works too much.
Works too little.
Loves sports.
Loves his car.
Laughs loud.
Doesn't laugh enough.
Not generous.
Insincere faith.
Lives in a bubble.
Expects you to work much.
Expects you to work little.
Health issues.
Older children.
Substance addictions.
Sex addictions.

What you think you might be getting in an older man, may not be what you had in mind.
Once again, can you tolerate the truth?  Do you think you are able to go the distance with him?


Older Men, Relationships, and Not Settling

If there is anything that I have learned from dating older men over the years, especially during my twenties, is that most of the time the connections are temporal.  They aren't forever and always love affairs. 

The men I met had issues.  There was the wife, the children, ex-girlfriends, friends with benefits, a criminal past, and more.  Several were controlling types and others were cool, too cool and really didn't care too much about anyone or anything.  I must admit those that I did end up settling with all had the following common traits: straightforward (didn't beat around the bush about what they wanted), had jobs, dressed well, and enjoyed being entertained by me.  Look I wasn't looking for much and that's what they appreciated about me.  They didn't have to buy me either--a couple really couldn't afford to spend much, so I didn't expect much.

When the blogs were invented, they were god-sent, because all the information I kept secret, hurt about, wish I could have, should have, I could air out my grievances, the ups, downs, and advice I wished I had at the time when I was dating much.

Older men can make good friends, but what they can't do is be fathers to young women.  I must admit that there was something within that I deeply desired from my own dad and sometimes the attention, affection, and spoiling they provided made me feel special.  Every little girl has a time in her life that she wants her daddy to just love her for her!  Daddies who don't do their part, unfortunately leave little girls out there--ripe for the picking.  Some guy, whether older or younger, is going to pick from the tree.  He might find a rotten piece of fruit on it too!

A while back, I wrote a non-fiction guide entitled, She's Crazy. It is a book that provides much information about letting go of crazy women.  I really hope you take a moment to read and purchase this work.  Feel free to share it with a buddy who is going through much.

Dating older guys is not as popular as it seems, there are many young women that avoid mature men.  There are pros and cons to dating any man (irregardless of age), and some people have little tolerance for anyone who behaves in ways that go against their personal boundaries too. 

Don't give up your moral compass for anyone or anything, stand your ground whenever you can and be certain that whatever they suggest you really want to do it.  You can save a lot of time, energy, and preserve your youth if you don't settle for the guy or girl who is only 50% your type. 

Shoot for that quality connection, they are out there!

Nicholl McGuire author of She's Crazy and other books.


6 Dating Tips to Keep Things Fun, Easy-going this Season

With the weather warmer, more and more singles will be out and about checking out one another.  You don't want to miss out on the action if you're ready to connect with someone new, so do make time to get out and about!  But before you do, consider the following so that you are not wasting your time this mating season.

1.  Don't assume the first person who shows you some interest (and who happens to be younger or older) is meant to be.  Long term commitment is the last thing you should be thinking of when you barely know someone.

2.  Find some common interests before you make arrangements to meet or spend your hard-earned money on someone.  People might look like your ideal, but it doesn't mean that mentally you will mesh with them.

3.  Never expect someone will give you anything just because you gave the individual something first.

4.  Stop talking about exes!  They are your former partners for good reason!

5.  Just because your older or younger means nothing, so don't dwell on age!  There are mature and immature people in all age groups.  However, keep in mind the wider the age gap, the more differences you will encounter sooner or later.

6.  Lastly, appreciate your time with someone and most of all be respectful even if they aren't big on respect, because you never know how he or she might benefit you later.  It is a small world you know!

Check out our sponsors ads and start having some fun tonight!

Nicholl McGuire


Your Older Date's Relationship with Mom

Whether he is very close, somewhat close or not at all due to conflict, death or something else, you just might learn much about how he might treat you.  Not every man, who appears to have a great relationship with mom, will be nice and respectful to their dates too. 

Some men feel obligated to be obedient to mom because they fear or worry about her.  There are many people who have no idea or concept that they are being manipulated by their mothers.  Nor do they comprehend how their relationship (or lack thereof) with mom is connected with how they generally treat women.

Watch for these signs and more that a man is not very kind or respectful toward women:

1.  He feels he is smarter and/or more responsible than women.
2.  He speaks harshly about them.
3.  He makes offensive jokes about the opposite sex.
4.  He claims to have a close relationship with his mom, yet he badmouths her.
5.  He doesn't act like he cares for his mother much even when she is having a tough time.
6.  He talks positively about men and tends to bond well with them, but women he is mean and disrespectful.
7.  You feel like you are walking on eggshells with him.

When you notice these signs, you have a choice to confront the man about his behavior, keep your distance, or drop him altogether.  Men who are mean-spirited when it comes to women are not good guys to be around.  A mother's impact is quite powerful: good, bad or otherwise.  Don't underestimate it.  If a man should say, "I really can't stand my mother...I hate what she did to me...I wish she was never my mother...I can't forgive her for...She really gets on my nerves," you have every right to be wary of him.  Check out "Tell Me Mother You're Sorry" by Nicholl McGuire

Mother, Son, Love


Your Date Told You Some Things About His/Her Past - Are You Listening?

Your date will tell you about his or her past growing up like there was abuse, trauma, violence or emotional abuse between parents, and more. 

What is the likelihood that he or she will one day blow up on you?


Dating Older African American Men

My dating older African American men experiences started when I was 19 years old and stopped soon after I got married the first time, broke up started back up, and then ended after meeting my online date and marrying him (all at least eight plus years older--the oldest being almost 20 year age difference).

The first mature man that took interest in dating me was a 41 year old who was hiding his thinning hair as best he could.  I accidentally brushed up against it once and he straightened it out as fast he could while looking downcast.  I apologized and felt bad for him.  Anyway, I was happy to go out with the nice guy still in college like me at the time.  I was especially proud to be seen with him after seeing the black Stingray I would be riding in on our first date!  Not a rental--he owned it because he was one of the few guys I met who did some wise things with his money during his youth.

My parents jaws dropped when they heard the sports car arrive in the front of their home.  They forgot all about how old he was and he didn't look his age which was alright with them--I guess.  I didn't bother to get their opinion, I was too busy thinking about all the fun I was going to have with this one.

The tall African American gentleman slowly got out the shiny car that looked like it just came off the showroom floor.  Once he saw me coming down the stairs outside my parents home, he headed over to the passenger side to open the door, he smiled warmly after looking me over.  I was dressed to kill and just as sharp as the automobile!

He wasn't the first man that would take me to quality restaurants, make promises of traveling around the country and elsewhere, and talk of making me a wife and mother one day.  The same year more older men, more promises, gifts, and dates.  Later came promise and engagement rings from the divorced, the married getting a divorce, the friends with benefits, the abusive man, and the momma's boy.  The following year and more years to come more of the same.

I noticed a pattern while dating older, black men I dated born around the 1960s (Civil Rights Movement)--they were chauvinistic and a few angry.  Yep, I said it.  These men enjoyed the company of beautiful women, complimented them much, and even bought them some things, but wasn't much interest in personal opinion, counsel, or requests unless they benefited in some way.  On top of the loveless connections (at least on my end) I wasn't the only woman with several, I was one of a group--the fresh meat, the rebound chic, the smart one, or PYT (pretty young thang) that was also being persuaded to wait for whatever--a relationship, money, car, home--whatever!  But of course the sweet lines of, "I will drop everyone for you...You are so gorgeous, sexy...I love you.  I will leave my wife..."  Huh, what wife?

Anyone who has dated a black man knows how charming they can be with their smooth words.  They can melt the underwear off of you--I kid you not!  While giving you small tokens, some are expecting you to pay for major purchases or invest in their dreams.  I noticed when tactics didn't work with me and other black women, some of these same men went off to be with white women--didn't bother me, enjoy.

I did not like the subtle as well as blatant control tactics many of these men used to feed their egos.  I could see that there was also some commitment issues with many of them that's why I didn't continue to date them.  Given that there is less than 15% of African Americans in the United States (last I checked the population stats) that means there isn't a whole lot of available men.  You have many incarcerated, gay, bi-sexual, ill, and too young to date of that percentage.  Those suitable for dating are great catches but have their share of issues including:  unemployed, addictions, mental disorders, exes, children from previous relationships (and mothers who don't necessarily want to let them go), dating inter-racially (not black women) and have mistresses or girlfriends.  A smaller percentage are faithful and mainly at home when not working but also have their woes.  The dating scene is indeed tough when it comes to connecting with quality older black men and even more challenging when trying to marry.

Things are even more difficult when there are those African American men, who are single and childless, but don't take care of themselves.  They seek younger women, but they don't get very far because some just aren't attractive.  However, with a fat wallet, suddenly they are "fine" and "sexy" according to some single, gold-digging women of all races.

Nicholl McGuire


What No Father Wants To Hear From His Little Girl

If a father doesn't have a good relationship with his daughter, failed her in many ways, was too demanding or strict, then expect some strange things to happen.  Dysfunctional father daughter relationships


Self-Inflicted Wounds and the Turbulent Romance

Sometimes age gap couples make the kind of connections online or offline that are way over their heads. They realize they are playing with fire when people are being emotionally and/or physically wounded. But some of the most difficult arrangements are those where someone is hurting his or herself.

Not everyone is mentally stable when they seek a partner for just fun times or a life long commitment.  The evidence is usually prevalent early on, but many people dismiss what they see and hear.  The drinks continue to pour at parties, drugs are used, and sexual acts that would make an audience gasp are performed in a miserable relationship or arrangement.  Some people believe that they can walk away from almost anything with minds and hearts intact, but that isn't always the case.

For example, the troubled, young abused woman might not go away easily and the wealthy, controlling man might not leave her alone when he should.  A whirlwind romance goes full steam ahead before crashing.  Sometimes these toxic connections end up being nothing more than funerals.

Death is a harsh reality and a wake up call especially when you know someone has pushed his or herself beyond the limits of imagination while inflicting all sorts of pain upon an already wounded soul.

It isn't always a person with a shady past found guilty, but sometimes the only one at fault is the broken heart looking to fulfill a void within by any means necessary.

Nicholl McGuire


Mariah Carey, Tommy Mottola & Sony : Life As A Porcelain Doll

There is always more than meets the eye, visit site about the unusual, strange and different.  Celebrities lead the parade of all sorts of odd behaviors.


Writers, Bloggers, Video Creators...Dating Older Men, Younger Women?

He is sexy, sweet and smart.  She is unique, fun, and beautiful!

The May-December romance is in full bloom.  But as we all know sometimes
what goes up, goes down.  Do you have something to share about dating older men
or younger women?  Then let us feature you on this site! 
We welcome all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, etc.  Tell our audience about your challenges and share solutions.  Send correspondence to today. 
Our audience enjoys reading content that can help them with their relationships and dating blues.


Welcome to this Age Gap Dating Site Between Mature Men and Young Women

For those who are in love with an older man or curious as well as others who enjoy dating or married to young women, you will enjoy the content on this blog.  Much is thought-provoking, fun, serious, and also liberating.  So take a moment to check out whatever might be on interest.  This information is timeless and very useful especially if you are new to May-December romance.  Enjoy!

Nicholl McGuire

Over-sexed: Histrionic Personality Disorder and Narcissism


You Were Warned...She Crossed the Line - Bad Online Date - Young Women

The Blog Owner reading out of her book, "She's Crazy" by Nicholl McGuire.  This nonfiction guide is for men in abusive relationships where the women are the batterers. She's Crazy Book Excerpt


Young Woman Watch for the Seemingly Rich, Older Man with Many Hang-ups

The major issue above all for the aging male is his personal failures. Those things that he doesn't want to come right out and say but from the looks of things we can see he is making up for something by the way he spends, shares, invests, and talks about his money, family, employment, and other issues. I noticed this after years of watching mature kinfolk act in unreasonable and illogical ways when it came to dealing with personal challenges. They would allude to goals that were never reached like increasing finances and owning homes, accomplishments that were never rewarded by employers, regrets regarding ruining family connections, the regrets of not taking opportunities when given a chance and more. Their need to make them feel good about what they should have, could have done propelled some of the once brightest and honest minds into murky waters.

There is an insatiable desire in some seemingly kind men to want bigger and better. Mr. Charmer sometimes looks to obtain whatever is suitable for him without regard to loved ones' feelings. He is open to making drastic career changes, divorce, abandon children, and more "to make some things happen." A man, spoiled with riches, yet doesn't feel he has enough money, material assets, and other things might feel more tempted to take major financial risks, steal from his employer(s) or hoard his money than a man that is use to living paycheck to paycheck. 

The greedy man feels he must present himself to the world as being more successful than fellowmen, a great catch for the ladies, an influential business mogul, etc. He will creatively change his external world to reflect his vision as best he can even if he participates in dishonest practices to finance his illusions and even at the cost of possibly his freedom and family. It is at that middle point in the mature male's life (40 plus) that this charmer has achieved more than a promotion, degree, and a sports car, but he has become a master deceiver. Men like this have decades experience fooling people. They continue to manipulate the unsuspecting about things related to their personal and professional lives and they are quite believable.

Some of these white-collar charmers begged, borrowed and stole to make themselves appear like they are knowledgeable, good, mature, dependable, honest, and other faux character traits to depict them. These men enjoy being admired more than they do working. Self-absorbed men feed off of anyone who shows them any attention as mentioned in earlier chapters. So they will partner with those who love riches like they do, and who are wiling to go above and beyond the call of duty for them. Sometimes those closest to these manipulators know what is happening when they are being mistreated and other times they are unaware, because slick people like this can sting you in such a way that you don't know you are being stung until it is too late.

Excerpt from Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men by Nicholl McGuire


Emotional Abuse

Name-calling, constant swearing at you, silent treatment, threats, and more, it happens even to the best of them.  Emotional abuse.


Dating Tips - New Romance, Trouble Brewing - Don't Dismiss the Signs

A mature man will never let on that he is crazy, nope, no way, no how!  He wants you to see him as that guy who is going to sweep you off your feet and meet your needs.  The same is true for the young woman.  You don't expect her to be a bit out of her mind either. 

When I recorded Whirlwind Romance, I thought of the thousands of men and women that start off dating never bothering to ask the uncomfortable questions and often dismissing what is obvious, "Something just ain't right."

Listen up on Your Listen.  Also, do check out my books: She's Crazy for men who find themselves in abusive relationships with women and Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men for women who are often getting mixed up with mean-spirited men who of course never start off that way.  You are showing your support for this blog and others with every purchase--much appreciate!

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Having Fun will Cost You - When the Older Man Gives Into the Chase

How much money do you have to spend on a young lady?  How much time do you have to persuade the young woman to look beyond your wallet and aging appearance and truly see you for who you  are?  Is dating younger women really worth it?  Not every man can do it and not every young woman wants an older man either.  Be wise, look beyond the fun. -- Nicholl McGuire


He's Old, Your Young and Everyone Wants to Know Why?

The topic of why young women date older men has been well-covered online.  The reasons why a young lady, like yourself, dates older men according to many researchers, writers, and singles range from his maturity to security, but why do you want that One?  Why do you bother to share conversation with him, open your heart and other things to him.  What is it about the older man that makes you want to commit to the gentleman and only him when there are so many other men you could date?

When you take a moment to truly reflect on why you do the things you do, you might be surprised.  Sometimes breaking down our thought processes will show us things about ourselves we never realized.  Maybe there are desires you have that you hope your mature significant might help you achieve.  Could he represent someone or something you have been missing?

Mature men have their reasons too as to why they seek after younger women.  If they too sit back and think as to why they do what they do, what might they learn about themselves?  A young woman is definitely not going to soothe those deep emotions within where worries, fears, and pain reside.  She is like a Band-Aid.  The real healing for the soul comes from a relationship with one's Maker who is responsible for mind, body and spirit.

One day both young and old will die and what will those they leave behind say about them, their relationships, children, and more?  Was it a genuine connection?  Did they really want to be together for love?   

Make the most of your life, choose wisely and seek happiness within.  A partner should simply be icing on the cake for you when everything else in your life is all peaches in cream! (Excuse the food references, can't you tell I haven't had lunch--lol.) 

The public questions these men dating younger women relationships and others because many are usually built on selfish interests and not long-lasting love.  Don't hate on your critics just be honest with yourself and that man or woman you are with, "Why do you want me, really?"  Think about it.

Nicholl McGuire has experienced dating mature men.  She authored many nonfiction books about relationships and provides website content on many sites.  Learn more about her and subscribe to Nicholl's blog. 


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