He's Old, Your Young and Everyone Wants to Know Why?

The topic of why young women date older men has been well-covered online.  The reasons why a young lady, like yourself, dates older men according to many researchers, writers, and singles range from his maturity to security, but why do you want that One?  Why do you bother to share conversation with him, open your heart and other things to him.  What is it about the older man that makes you want to commit to the gentleman and only him when there are so many other men you could date?

When you take a moment to truly reflect on why you do the things you do, you might be surprised.  Sometimes breaking down our thought processes will show us things about ourselves we never realized.  Maybe there are desires you have that you hope your mature significant might help you achieve.  Could he represent someone or something you have been missing?

Mature men have their reasons too as to why they seek after younger women.  If they too sit back and think as to why they do what they do, what might they learn about themselves?  A young woman is definitely not going to soothe those deep emotions within where worries, fears, and pain reside.  She is like a Band-Aid.  The real healing for the soul comes from a relationship with one's Maker who is responsible for mind, body and spirit.

One day both young and old will die and what will those they leave behind say about them, their relationships, children, and more?  Was it a genuine connection?  Did they really want to be together for love?   

Make the most of your life, choose wisely and seek happiness within.  A partner should simply be icing on the cake for you when everything else in your life is all peaches in cream! (Excuse the food references, can't you tell I haven't had lunch--lol.) 

The public questions these men dating younger women relationships and others because many are usually built on selfish interests and not long-lasting love.  Don't hate on your critics just be honest with yourself and that man or woman you are with, "Why do you want me, really?"  Think about it.

Nicholl McGuire has experienced dating mature men.  She authored many nonfiction books about relationships and provides website content on many sites.  Learn more about her and subscribe to Nicholl's blog. 

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