Self-Inflicted Wounds and the Turbulent Romance

Sometimes age gap couples make the kind of connections online or offline that are way over their heads. They realize they are playing with fire when people are being emotionally and/or physically wounded. But some of the most difficult arrangements are those where someone is hurting his or herself.

Not everyone is mentally stable when they seek a partner for just fun times or a life long commitment.  The evidence is usually prevalent early on, but many people dismiss what they see and hear.  The drinks continue to pour at parties, drugs are used, and sexual acts that would make an audience gasp are performed in a miserable relationship or arrangement.  Some people believe that they can walk away from almost anything with minds and hearts intact, but that isn't always the case.

For example, the troubled, young abused woman might not go away easily and the wealthy, controlling man might not leave her alone when he should.  A whirlwind romance goes full steam ahead before crashing.  Sometimes these toxic connections end up being nothing more than funerals.

Death is a harsh reality and a wake up call especially when you know someone has pushed his or herself beyond the limits of imagination while inflicting all sorts of pain upon an already wounded soul.

It isn't always a person with a shady past found guilty, but sometimes the only one at fault is the broken heart looking to fulfill a void within by any means necessary.

Nicholl McGuire

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