Young Woman: Is He Really the Man of Your Dreams?

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He is handsome, special, sweet, mature, kind and unique.
But when all the niceties slowly begin to fade away, what do you think you are able to put up with?

Consider the following list:

Talk too much.
Talk too little.
Lies about money.
Doesn't have much.
Isn't divorced.
Too many exes.
Doesn't want children.
Wants children.
Works too much.
Works too little.
Loves sports.
Loves his car.
Laughs loud.
Doesn't laugh enough.
Not generous.
Insincere faith.
Lives in a bubble.
Expects you to work much.
Expects you to work little.
Health issues.
Older children.
Substance addictions.
Sex addictions.

What you think you might be getting in an older man, may not be what you had in mind.
Once again, can you tolerate the truth?  Do you think you are able to go the distance with him?

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