Why Did I Start a Blog about Young Women and Older Men...

Sometimes I have to go back to why I even bothered to put this blog together.  I mean I didn't have to broadcast anything about subject matter like this, because well you readers know everything, right?  Actually you don't and neither do I and so the need for this blog over the years has been necessary.

We think when we meet people that we know so much.  We read articles, watch TV, hear
stories, had dating we think we can handle almost anything that comes our way when it comes to dating.  But can you really when things aren't going so well in your life?  Nope.  You are left wide open, weak for a thrill.  You want a change in routine, something new, fresh, different...I get it.  But I don't support it when you already have someone at home that loves/likes you.  I'm not encouraging a person of faith to compromise their belief for anyone.  It isn't worth losing your anointing.  I am definitely not the one who will cheer you on when you are a victim either of a turbulent relationship.

I will say that I absolutely love sharing advice and listening to stories that relate to the content on this blog.  You can always learn something new if you are open to receiving.  Don't let negative past experiences keep you from growing and loving!  I for one am quite content in my lifestyle choice (married older) and look forward to the future.  Who knows, maybe I might be a cougar one day--just kidding, but then maybe not, hmmm.

Thanks for reading, keep scrolling and click those ads too--appreciate the support!


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