10 Reasons Why Dating a Mature Gentleman Might Be Good for You

A woman doesn't always want someone who is her own age or younger, there are men out there who are mature, have great personalities and are emotionally, physically and spiritually stable.  If your experiences with dates have been subpar, you can't seem to connect with men your own age, then why not consider dating someone 10, 15 or 20 plus years older?  So when does a woman know when dating a mature gentleman is indeed right for her?

1)  When she has had more than enough failed attempts at dating men in her age group.

2)  When she has found that she is the one spending more money and time on men who simply are all looks and no go.

3)  When she has been told repeatedly that she acts older, wise, or mature for her age, but the partners she picks are immature or too young for her.

4)  When she has seen far too many connections around her lead to break ups, separation or divorce.  She might learn a few things from experienced widows who stuck it out with their wives for over 20 plus years.

5)  When she knows that she isn't the least bit attractive to young men.

6)  When she can clearly see in the mirror that she looks older for her age and the men in her age group aren't showing any interest.

7)  When she has been accused of being over confident, knows too much, or expects too much from young men.

8)  When all she seems to attract is older men.

9)  When she desires things that only a mature, wealthy gentleman can afford to give her.

10)  When she is tired of feeling insecure with young men.

You probably can think of a few more reasons as to why a young woman would be better off with a mature man rather than someone close to her age.  However, keep in mind that no matter the age, all men have their share of issues you just have to make up in your mind what you can tolerate. 

Happy dating!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Too Much, Too Soon Internet Dating Blues.

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