Dating Tips - New Romance, Trouble Brewing - Don't Dismiss the Signs

A mature man will never let on that he is crazy, nope, no way, no how!  He wants you to see him as that guy who is going to sweep you off your feet and meet your needs.  The same is true for the young woman.  You don't expect her to be a bit out of her mind either. 

When I recorded Whirlwind Romance, I thought of the thousands of men and women that start off dating never bothering to ask the uncomfortable questions and often dismissing what is obvious, "Something just ain't right."

Listen up on Your Listen.  Also, do check out my books: She's Crazy for men who find themselves in abusive relationships with women and Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men for women who are often getting mixed up with mean-spirited men who of course never start off that way.  You are showing your support for this blog and others with every purchase--much appreciate!

Nicholl McGuire, Blog Owner

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