6 Dating Tips to Keep Things Fun, Easy-going this Season

With the weather warmer, more and more singles will be out and about checking out one another.  You don't want to miss out on the action if you're ready to connect with someone new, so do make time to get out and about!  But before you do, consider the following so that you are not wasting your time this mating season.

1.  Don't assume the first person who shows you some interest (and who happens to be younger or older) is meant to be.  Long term commitment is the last thing you should be thinking of when you barely know someone.

2.  Find some common interests before you make arrangements to meet or spend your hard-earned money on someone.  People might look like your ideal, but it doesn't mean that mentally you will mesh with them.

3.  Never expect someone will give you anything just because you gave the individual something first.

4.  Stop talking about exes!  They are your former partners for good reason!

5.  Just because your older or younger means nothing, so don't dwell on age!  There are mature and immature people in all age groups.  However, keep in mind the wider the age gap, the more differences you will encounter sooner or later.

6.  Lastly, appreciate your time with someone and most of all be respectful even if they aren't big on respect, because you never know how he or she might benefit you later.  It is a small world you know!

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Nicholl McGuire

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