Improve You and Dating Experiences in the New Year

For some singles they are turning over a new leaf in the New Year. They are looking forward to dating a bit differently like changing dating preferences and upgrading personal images for starters.  Courageous men and women who have never dated younger or older, a different ethnicity or even out of their hometowns are ready for new dating experiences this upcoming year, according to some online dating forums.

You might be one looking to make a difference in your life, if so, bravo to you!  Why not think outside the box?  Many of us who have dated a variety of people in our lifetime did so, because we simply got tired of doing things based on past dating experiences or teachings passed down from family.  You never know who you might cross paths with and that person just may be the one!

Now some couples are simply fed up with one another for any number of reasons including age related issues and if this is you, well you don't have to stick it out in a miserable relationship.  Fall back from the dating scene a bit, recover and then come back for some more good times when you are ready.  If you have a faith, use it--someone is out there for you!  Here are some tips on improving your future dating experiences:

1.  Work on your health.  Watch your weight.  Exercise and check in with your doctor and dentist.
2.  Don't keep ex-lovers, wives, husbands, etc. on speed dial.  Move on!
3.  Vow that you will never permit yourself to be broken spiritually, mentally or physically by a future or current partner.
4.  Keep your relatives out of your personal life. This means no updating them on dates you are not serious about.
5.  Find the time for you!  The world doesn't revolve around that new someone you meet--no matter how friendly, wealthy, attractive,etc.
6. Do your part to make some great memories when dating someone.  Don't rely on others to make you happy.
7.  If you believe in a Creator, why not practice your faith and attract someone who is spiritual like you?

With so much happening online in dating world you can never be too safe.  Take precautions when meeting someone online and never rush into doing anything with someone you barely even know!  There are countless stories of victims who just didn't bother researching before sleeping with dates and now they are either connected with the wrong partners, in jail, deceased or have their share of unwanted children or STDS (sigh).

Have a great New Year connecting with someone who is right for you! 

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