Seeking an Older, Wiser, Richer Guy -- Good Luck with That!

You might get a guy who is wiser than the last boyfriend, but not richer.  You might get richer, but not wise.  You might get okay, but not sexy.  Or, you might get nothing, but another headache.  So what to do?  Accept the poor man for who he is!

You see we live in this world where we think that we can have it all.  Sure, you might feel like you won everything you ever wanted in a date, but sooner or later something in your life is going to give you a headache--whether it is that hot guy, his mother, his children, his job or all of the above.  Then what?  You trade the old man in for a new model, huh?  If that is your intention, then you learned from the best, old players out there, and I'm not judging.  That's what many of the middle-age guys having a mid-life crisis did with their wives, girlfriends, lovers, and others.  But you don't have to be that selfish dame or gold-digger.  Rather, you can drive that old guy to his grave a happy man simply by being the best you possibly can inside and out! 

You aren't perfect, Sweetheart and neither is he.  You aren't always going to look so beautiful and that's okay.  As long as you have that love-sick chap wrapped around your finger, then who cares, right?  His sister might stir up some hate (hell look at her), his mother will caution (her marriage ain't so great), and his friends (male and female) will show a bit of envy and in the end, you will win whether he leaves you or you leave still got a lot of years ahead of you (that is if your maker doesn't call you home sooner).  So enjoy your time with that man you might call your "Sugar daddy," he just might be your meant to be or that wise teacher that will direct you to where you need be.  But if not, life goes on, now doesn't it?  You can make it whether with him or not.

Nicholl McGuire
Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

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