The "When I Need Her" Girl - Is that You?

She is called upon only when the older gentleman is in need of her time and affection. He doesn't kiss her on the lips when they meet or have sex, because according to him, "Well that is just personal."

The well-dressed gentleman is not what you would consider a sugar daddy or even a rich gentleman--even though his wardrobe is quite deceiving, he is simply an old player. A man with many tricks who knows how to play games with silly, naive women who think they will be taken care of by him. What does love have to do with anything anyway in the player's world? Selfish men and women have agendas. Their arranged meetings, whether secretly or publicly, have little to do with love.

In the case of the mature gentleman, one who has had more than enough travel and sex in his eighty plus years on this planet, the "When I Need Her" Girl of 10 plus years is nothing more than a toy he brings out every now and then. His body is with the wife any other time. The player says what attracted him to his wife was her big breasts and legs, but others say it was her money too. The beauty his committed companion once had as well as the player has long passed away. He admits that the women loved him, but he couldn't love them, because he had no love for self.

The wife seems to be quite content just being in the moment with her player husband while the residue of drugs, sex and rock n roll still remain on her even at seventy plus years old. She is numb to the pain her mate has caused her over the years. She is emotionally spent and so she runs away in her mind whenever one starts to get to close to her personal pain settling with a player for decades. The wife was aware of more than just one of her husband's "When I Need Her" girls. She has long stopped crying and protesting and has settled with the "bad boy" she got mixed up with many years ago.

When I think of the other women, those who knew or didn't know that their lovers were married, I can't help but shiver. They didn't care much about playing second fiddle, being used whenever husbands wanted them and then later disposed. The old player, described previously, wasn't the one contributing much to the cat and mouse game, but the young women were. The man's wardrobe, housing, food, etc. was funded by women. According to the player, he has got it made.

As for the "When I Need Her" girls, well we all know where they stand...on corners, at bars, on therapists' couches, in churches, hospital beds, hiding in closets, and elsewhere wishing/hoping/praying for more than what they settled for.

Nicholl McGuire

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