Your Older Date's Relationship with Mom

Whether he is very close, somewhat close or not at all due to conflict, death or something else, you just might learn much about how he might treat you.  Not every man, who appears to have a great relationship with mom, will be nice and respectful to their dates too. 

Some men feel obligated to be obedient to mom because they fear or worry about her.  There are many people who have no idea or concept that they are being manipulated by their mothers.  Nor do they comprehend how their relationship (or lack thereof) with mom is connected with how they generally treat women.

Watch for these signs and more that a man is not very kind or respectful toward women:

1.  He feels he is smarter and/or more responsible than women.
2.  He speaks harshly about them.
3.  He makes offensive jokes about the opposite sex.
4.  He claims to have a close relationship with his mom, yet he badmouths her.
5.  He doesn't act like he cares for his mother much even when she is having a tough time.
6.  He talks positively about men and tends to bond well with them, but women he is mean and disrespectful.
7.  You feel like you are walking on eggshells with him.

When you notice these signs, you have a choice to confront the man about his behavior, keep your distance, or drop him altogether.  Men who are mean-spirited when it comes to women are not good guys to be around.  A mother's impact is quite powerful: good, bad or otherwise.  Don't underestimate it.  If a man should say, "I really can't stand my mother...I hate what she did to me...I wish she was never my mother...I can't forgive her for...She really gets on my nerves," you have every right to be wary of him.  Check out "Tell Me Mother You're Sorry" by Nicholl McGuire

Mother, Son, Love

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