Some Boring Older Men: Career First, Fun Never

He was attractive, articulate, and very good in bed, but he was boring. He loved talking about work, but he didn't love talking about going anywhere fun or share his thoughts about life. He had been married before and complained about how the last relationship became routine, boring. Funny, but the same things that bothered him in the last relationship, he was re-creating in the new one.

He sold the young woman on lies that he was a great guy to be around. The truth was most people found him a bit of a recluse, quiet, and at times slightly angry. He liked to go to nice places, travel, and he had the income to back up everything he promised. So the time came for them to get together. At first having sex often kept both distracted, but one day the woman awoke to reality and wanted more than just a penis inside of her, she wanted a man. A Prince Charming, if you will, a fun guy that would take her places, shower her with gifts, and just live a little outside of the bedroom. She told her date about her concerns, he listened with his ears, but did nothing with his feet.

As days together became weeks and weeks turned into years, weekends together didn't change. A movie, sex, breaks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and do it all over again. Eventually she grew bored with him. She started fantasizing what it would be like to be with someone her own age.

This story is based on true facts. Younger women who complain about boring, older men. What is it about career minded older men that make some so boring anyway? For one, they don't attempt to do anything outside of their comfort zone. They talk alot, but don't deliver. Second, they assume that the woman will plan everything. How can a woman who doesn't have alot of life experience know what makes a man tick especially if her past experiences with men are few? Lastly, they don't educate themselves on the needs of women. How can you keep a woman when you don't bother to act on what you learn from romantic films, women's magazines, and advice from those who are in successful marriages?

The younger woman must be discerning of a man before she chooses to date him much less sleep with him. She must observe what he calls "fun." Ask him what he did last weekend, the weekend before and so on. If there is a pattern of staying home and watching television and she enjoys getting out into the community, then she should know that a future with him will be dull and boring. She should picture days of him coming home from work, plopping down in front of the television, and expecting her to entertain herself without him. Throw children into the mix and she will find that she will be entertaining them most of the time not him.

Some men simply don't know how to do anything more than go to work. They are often tired and prefer to be left alone to do what they want when they want to do it. It isn't any wonder that some of these men are cheated on, their wives leave them, or don't give them sex, etc. Young women should avoid pitying men who tell them that their exs did any of these things to them. Most likely, the ex had her reasons and they just didn't come into being either.

Remember young woman, you are only hearing one side of the story and he will not tell you all the details of what went wrong in the last relationship no matter how much you ask especially if he knows he is guilty.

When a young woman discovers her so-called fun guy is really a dull guy, she has a choice: she can either adjust her interests to suit his lifestyle (which is a bad choice because she is not living her life), she can explain to him how she would like to do more with him and would he honor what he has promised, or she can tell him that she thought he was her match, but unfortunately she has found that he isn't. The older man may take her words into consideration and do more, but then he may be doing some things out of his comfort zone. If he is honest with her, he may say, he is not interested in going places, and prefer to stay home most of the time. But how many older men who are trying to keep a younger woman is going to be truthful? That is why she has to recognize the signs that say he is not her match. The young woman must take initiative and move on, rather than try to be something she is not or make him act in ways that he is not.

Most older men are not interested in doing much but working, watching TV, sleeping, shopping for their interests, occasionally visiting family, and meeting with a few friends every now and then. An active older man with money to spend to travel, explore new places, participate in fun classes, etc. is in the minority! Young women don't be deceived by the men who promise you a life of fun and games. There may be some games -- the kind that play with your mind, so be careful.

Nicholl McGuire


Age Difference Matters When Pain is Involved

He has aches and pains that remind you of your dad. He tells you its from old injuries back in the day from playing sports. At first you are understanding, but as you learn more about him, you find he is often too tired to watch a movie in its entirety, goes to bed early, and he pops pain pills like Skittles.

Some young women aren't affected by the grunts and ouches that come and go from a man twice even tripple their ages, but other women are bothered by them. If you are an active younger woman who is fit, don't settle for a man who is often in pain. You may pity him in order to stay with him and that is the wrong reason. You may stick it out with him, because you think you have something to gain from being empathetic or worse, you secretly think one day he will die and you will achieve his wealth. Don't be so sure, many men are living longer than women nowadays.

If you can live with his aches and pains especially after great sex, so be it, but if you know that secretly you can't stand his old wrinkled butt, then by all means save yourself and him some time and kindly break it off!

Nicholl McGuire, experienced in dating older men during her terrible twenties. She has seen it all gray hair, age marks, wrinkles, war wounds, and smelled it all too -- LOL! But it didn't keep her away from embracing the maturity and security of dating someone older.


10 Things Men Do With Other Women While in A Relationship that Cause Problems

When a young woman is just getting to know you, your actions may not bother her at first (maybe as long as a year or more,) but as your relationship grows older, a girlfriend or wife's "understanding" begins to get thin. Here are 10 things that you may be doing that may cause problems for your relationship later. Discuss these issues in advance and talk about them again as they come up since a lot can change since those early days of dating.

1. Helping a single woman out financially and physically.

2. Being alone with a woman when it is non-related to business.

3. Touching and sharing a meal with another woman.

4. Lying about your whereabouts or not talking about them with your partner.

5. Talking about your wife or girlfriend intimately with another woman.

6. Having non-business related lunch or dinner with a woman alone.

7. Inviting your wife or girlfriend to an event then ignore her.

8. Kissing or acting playful with other woman in or out of your wife or girlfriend's presence.

9. Not telling your wife or girlfriend that you took a woman home or somewhere else.

10. Talking to relatives and friends about another woman's beauty (your child's teacher, your exs, your co-workers, even the sales clerk at the local store) and comparing that woman with your wife or girlfriend.

You say there is nothing wrong with one or all of these things I have listed. You even feel like your girl is fine with you doing these actions. You may consider women who have these kinds of issues insecure. Debate, disagree, get upset, but one day you will be in the dog house because of one if not all of these issues (think about some of the reasons why you had problems in the past with other women.) According to the Bible even your lustful thoughts can get you into trouble.

Be wise, don't bring unnecessary conflict into your home and avoid the temptation to do things that may rise strife within your wife or girlfriend. Don't cover your behind, expose it! Be open and honest about what you do when you are away from your mate.

Women think beyond what you tell them. Their minds are constantly thinking, especially young, intelligent women, "I wonder who was that woman? Why is she talking so closely to my man? Why are they sharing food with one another? Why didn't he tell me he drove her home three times this week? Why is there a meal for two on this receipt, he never told me he had dinner with someone?" You see how your reputation now looks? She has to think about why you do what you do. You never want a woman to get to a place that she has to come to you and ask you questions. But you don't want to talk so much to the point that you look guilty, telling everything you want her to know, but leaving out the truth.

Here are some tips to help you stay out of the future dog-house:

Invite your wife or girlfriend with you to meet a single woman especially when she offers a proposal "to get together" some time.

Opt out of opportunities to be alone with co-workers. Invite a third wheel to join you and the woman.

Avoid keeping secrets from your wife or girlfriend no matter how upset she gets about it. Would you rather hear her rant now or talk about breaking up with you for being secretive or lying later?

Consider your young wife or girlfriend your best friend now and all other friends (especially those who you know are "very fond" of you and vice versa) should be put on the back-burner -- this doesn't mean abandon them. If they are not helping your relationship then you should cut them off. Why remain friends with someone who doesn't like your young girlfriend and thinks of you as nothing but a Chester molestor unless you really are? Distant yourself from those jealous, lonely, middle-age friends who wouldn't dare doing anything different! Eventually cut them off. Not every friend is a life-time friend!

If your young partner asks you to please stop doing something you know is harming the relationship and you refuse, then you are sending a message to her that those people in your life and/or activities you do are more important than she is. Some men take on a negative attitude about some of these issues, because they know that the young women they are involved with are nothing more than playthings so they don't compromise. But if you are not a player, but a gentleman then consider the fact that this young woman may be your wife and/or the mother of your child one day!

In the future, be more considerate and compassionate of your new mate's feelings. Remember she didn't come into the relationship desiring a companionship with your friends (exs, families, etc.) she came into it for you and the security you provide both mentally and physically -- show her the same courtesy!

Nicholl McGuire


If Your Match is Too Good to Be True than It Probably Is

He likes to dance, watch romance films, shop, travel, and spend money "lavishly." You think, "Wow!" He tells you how he isn't a huge sports fan, but he has a few teams here and there he follows. You are wondering, "Is he gay?" But its all true at least for a month or two maybe even as long as a year, but gradually you notice that what he said during those early stages of dating, isn't quite adding up. The truth is he really doesn't like dancing, shopping or traveling, he considers a good time staying in bed all day not only watching romantic film, but horrors, comedies, porn, you name it , this guy is a regular couch potato. He also enjoys debating with the boys on what team is going to the playoffs and he doesn't like you talking when the game is on. Meanwhile, your thinking, "I thought he wasn't a big sports fan!"

So why didn't he bother to tell you about the fine print when he met you. You know the print that says, "The offer to impress you expires after about 20 dates." Not only that, you find out he is a big cheapskate. Oh he spends money alright at the dollar store, the thrift store, the local yard sale, and the swap meet also known as the flea market! Worse, his apartment or home looks and smells like something out of a thrift store or a college dorm!

Be careful of that older guy who wins you over with sweet words like, "I like to do this...and I really enjoy that..." followed by everything you like to do!! He is forcing himself to be something he is not -- a younger man to fit your needs. If that is what you wanted, you wouldn't have bothered with the older man now would you? When you see this pattern of "too good to be true" happening in your relationship, expose him. Tell him how he doesn't have to tell you he likes something just to keep you interested. Explain to him that you would like to make a decision whether he is your match based on fact not fiction.

If you find that he is more interested in impressing you and not being truthful about who he really is and what he really likes and wants out of life, you might want to save yourself some time and call him an acquaintance like the guy you see every now and then at the local grocery store.

Remember there will come a time in the relationship that he will have a moment of truth where he will ask himself, "What the h*ll am I doing? I don't have any business running around with this young girl! I want my wife back or anyone who isn't twenty-something!"

You've been forewarned, now have a great time and that's it -- a great temporary time! LOL

Nicholl McGuire

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The Possibility Of Marriage Through Online Dating

I decided to include the following article on my site because too often inexperienced people who meet a potential date online fall head over heels for them far too soon before they know enough about them. I think we underestimate the power of the Internet. You will either love the person wholeheartedly both on or offline, or be so severely disappointed that you wish you never met him or her! You must take control over your emotions when that man or woman starts talking about how much they like or love you, and haven't even met you in-person yet!

Sometimes internet romances lead to a turbulent marriage, unwanted babies, venereal disease and more, so if you know you aren't ready for that kind of thing LOL, slow down with all the sappy talk, promises, and "I can't wait to be with you..." mush. Rather, be the adult and ask the hard questions, the kind that make your love interest think. Listen closely and read between the lines. Does he or she call you only on certain days? This person might be in a relationship with someone whether bad or good (they are still committed to someone else) or have children (that you know you aren't even a little bit interested in LOL.) This person may write to you with many grammatical errors, misspells, and doesn't answer your questions. He or she may not be as intelligent as they would like for you to believe. He or she may also be unable to articulate his or her thoughts which most likely means he or she is a bad communicator. Does your love interest seem like he or she is in a rush to get married, live with you or relocate? This person could be running from someone or something, lost a job, or may be difficult to live with. Think of more things he or she said or typed that were red flags. Re-read those past emails and analyze them!

Its the little things that you must pay attention to in order to determine whether your young hottie or old stallion is really right for you like he or she brags.

Thank you for reading! Now onto the "Possibility of Marriage..."

Marriage through online dating is rising fast in popularity. A number of eligible bachelorettes these days have sorted to online dating to be able to find a potential partner. Online dating is not as taboo as it used to be before. The idea of two complete strangers meeting up through the Internet to have lunch or dinner is already accepted in the society.

And frequently, these simple lunch and dinner dates end up in more intimate results; hence the possibilities of marriage through online dating. Most online dating services provide success stories on their site.

A few decades ago, before the rise of the Internet, strangers meet at a bar or a club. Then, they get to know each other further by phone calls and old-fashioned snail mails. But with the Internet, a woman does not have to get dressed or wear make-up to have fun conversations with men online.

There are plenty of sites that offer online dating services. There are also articles found on the Internet and magazines that may be used as guides on this kind of service. A woman may learn the proper ways to communicate with a man on the Internet through such guides.

When a woman finds a man that interest her, they could chat online and swap photos. They could also tell each other their favorite things, movies, hobbies, and food. However, certain precautions must be observed.

Although marriage through online dating is indeed possible, there are also times when online dating can be disastrous. In some news articles, horrible stories of online daters are told. Some “potential boyfriends” turned out to be scammers or maniacs. That is why is important for a woman to trust her gut instinct and follow some safety tips before you signs up to an online dating service and meet a man she just met online.

By: jhonnycorrz

When you have tried everything else to meet your potential husband it could be time to join the a dating online service. If you like more dating tips for women first you can visit for online dating and safety tips.


Approaching Younger Women & More

Approaching Younger Women & More thought this article would be interesting for those men who are thinking about dating younger women.

Shorter, Older Men Attract Women With Larger Packages!

The sad truth is and always will be - most older, shorter men are extremely small below the belt. Even worse is that most men try to gain size with penis solutions such as expensive penis pumps and drugs with a promise of becoming larger. Here are some fast facts -

- Over 98% of men would increase the size of their penis if they knew how.

- 93% of Women have never achieved an orgasm during intercourse, and 76% admit that they are dissatisfied with their partner's sexual performance.

- The majority of men have very poor blood circulation to the penis.

- By age 29, 96% of men cannot gain erections 1/5 as much as when they were 20.

Of course, most of the smarter men out there take action and solve this problem within a few weeks time but other men let the problem get worse and affect their personal lives. Every man wants to have a long lasting sexual life, attract the most women and feel great.

It does not matter how ugly you think you are or how short you may be, ATTRACTION comes from confidence and confidence comes from below the belt. Most men do not care about that, and end up losing to someone else with a larger package, because women know what they want.

If I can do it, you can do it too. Forget about tall men, or the younger guys, because you can walk all over them if you knew how to do it right. You can become a sexual icon whereever you live and take control of every situation.

By Jesse Isaac James

I hope you get what you are looking for along in your research, the sites I found definitely were not the greatest but it worked out in the end and I avoided all those other companies getting rich off of your insecurity and misfortune. Check out and stay safe.


The Appeal of Older Men

I've always been attracted to older men. Although guys my age have their charms, I'll take a more confident and experienced man any night of the week. Boys who are still trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up are boring. A real man has so much more to offer, including:

1. POWER. You don't have to own an oil company to be powerful. Power is about being comfortable with yourself and confident about what you have to offer a woman. A powerful man doesn't have to prove himself or brag about what he has or who he knows. His accomplishments speak for themselves. Power means not being afraid of rejection. He understands that being turned down says nothing about his value as a person. That kind of cool, confidence is very sexy.

2. SUBSTANCE. The signature word for my generation is "authenticity." The fact that you know who you are and what you believe is a big turn on for women my age. A mature man doesn't play games trying to be someone he's not just to impress me. Younger guys talk a lot about what they are going to do...someday. A mature man has already built a life and has something to show for his efforts.

3. SKILLS. Yes, it's true. Women like a man with 'skills.' We don't want to waste a night with a man who can't find our clitoris or who thinks foreplay consists of taking his pants off. A mature man knows what he's doing in bed and enjoys pleasing women. Most young guys are a little afraid of vaginas. I'd much rather spend an evening with a man who LOVES p*ssy. Sure, your 'texting' skills are probably not so great, but we can teach you. In the mean time, if a young woman asks if you wanna 'B your L on her Ts,' just say 'Hell, yes,' and ask for directions later.

To meet younger women who are sexually compatible and looking for sex dating with a man like you, check out

By Kathryn Carter


Effect of Younger Women on Older Men For Rejuvenation

Aging is an inevitable phenomenon. But as man gets older he can retain his youthful vigor by acts that can be considered unorthodox. One of these recipes is a sexual relationship with a younger woman. The ancient Indian manuals as well as the Arabic manuals all bring out the fact that an older man copulating with a younger woman is a form of rejuvenation for the man. The ancient oriental sex manuals have accepted this as a truth.

One can argue about the veracity of the recipe recommended by the eastern manuals, but the western world has only now accepted this though with some reservations. This acceptance has come about because this is a subject of study in the west. In the United States this aspect has been studied by some scientists. Scholars at Stanford and the University of California-Santa Barbara have carried out research on this aspect of a man's sexual relationship with a younger woman. The study at the beginning of the twenty first century has made some revelations that have been known to the oriental for many hundreds of years. The study concluded that an older man who had a sexual relationship with a younger woman tended to live longer.

On the face of it a lot many rationalists and a lot of women as well are apt to negate this study. But there is no doubt that a relationship with a younger woman for a male does have a beneficial effect on him. It affects the physiology of the male. The male feels younger and has an intense desire to please his younger partner. This desire allows a male to do certain acts that will give his sex an impetus as well as please his younger partner. The Max Plank institute in Germany carried out a study on this aspect as well. Scientists there concluded that man tended to live longer if took as his sexual mate a woman who preferably was about 15 to 17 younger than him. Statistics are always difficult to digest but scientists at the institute feel that longevity of the male could go up by as much as 20%.Ancient sex manuals also say the same thing.

For a lot many people it is difficult to accept this. But there every day sex with a younger woman may make the man live longer. This is because the sex act by itself is a therapy. The effect on the man and his physiology is beneficial as it gives a purpose to a man in his life. He will exercise and keep himself fit as a desire to please his partner becomes a tremendous motivating force for him.

In the everyday world it is very difficult to start a relationship between older men and much younger women. There are very limited ways for this though a relationship in the office with an older boss or colleague is an accepted norm. But now with the advent of the internet the chance to start a relationship are greatly increased. People seem less likely to be concerned about the age difference on the net and love could blossom.

A younger woman will always make her partner feel younger. During the relationship or marriage the man will strive to please his partner leading to very beneficial results for him. A younger woman will help a man to stay in the same sexual level even with passage of a year or so.

Men, who have sex daily, especially with younger women, are more likely to live longer. A study in Denmark from 1990 to 2005 has concluded that higher life expectancy of the male could be because of younger women caring for their men. Obviously one may well ask as to what is there in such a relationship for a woman. For a younger woman it can be a very exciting surprise whose only sexual experience may have been only with men of her age. Women often complain that their need for foreplay is much more and a lot men do not get it. This is a plus point as an older man will take time to rouse himself and in the process he could spend a long time to raise the pitch of his younger partner. The result can only be beneficial. In addition older men are able to have more control over the physical and mental state of the woman and obviously more knowledge of what gives the greater pleasure to his younger partner.

The ancient sex manuals of the orient have given a lot of theory and to put it to practical use it is up to the man.

By Madan G Singh


Understanding Men and Depression - Especially During Mid-Life Crises

Male depression is often a taboo subject of discussion as is with impotency and sexuality. However it is a very serious problem affecting approximately 40% of men between ages 40-60 years. It is especially during the male midlife crises phase that depression increases significantly. Men strongly oppose or deny the existence of male depression as this may reflect on them as being possibly weak or sissy-like and also don't understand the link between sex and depression.

Men and woman experience and cope differently with depression. Females are self-blaming and feel guilty while males blame other people and feel ashamed. Males want to remain in control at all times and woman have problems setting limits.

Common symptoms are insomnia, irritability, changes in sex drive and impotency. However cluster symptoms are not easily recognisable and thus not easily diagnosed by Doctors and other health care Professionals.

What can be done when you recognize these symptoms in your husband, partner, neighbour or even co-worker? Do not mention depression directly, rather approach it with an angle as the male brain is wired to deny anything that might look weak or female-like. Help will only be sought when pressured by important people in their life, so make sure that the man feels that he is important to you.

What are the available treatments?

Treatment can take the form of support groups, counselling or psychotherapy, medication either natural or prescribed. Medical science has evolved so much the last couple of decades that an extensive range of antidepressant medication is available from your physician. The medication can be classified as follows:SSR's, is most effect drugs on the market with less side effects than Tricyclic Antidepressants. Avoid usage with weight loss supplements and pills, Tryptophan and St. John's Wort.

Amphetamines are very, very dangerous medication and should only be prescribed by highly skilled Psychiatrists.

Tricyclic Antidepressants, are generics although cost-effective have lots of side effects.

Depression can also be greatly reduced by the patient self by means of dietary changes, exercise, mind shifting to more positive thoughts and approaches as well as development of stress management skills.

By Trevor Johnson
Find more ways to overcome male depression and discover more about depression and men


You Tube Video Talks About What To Expect When Dating an Older Man

Writer, Author & Blogger, Nicholl McGuire, created a video for young women to view prior to making a serious commitment to dating an older man.

Nicholl prepares young women of all ages with solid advice to help them make a decision on whether or not dating an older man is right for them.

Young women will be enlightened as well as entertained about a subject that is often laughed off as nothing more than a passing phase.

Dating an older men should be taken seriously.  Nicholl shares insightful information. Listen to podcast, "Messages for the Soul" here.

You can follow Nicholl on Twitter @datingdramas


Great Tips For Dating Older Men

No two women are alike. While some women enjoy dating men that are similar in age to them, other women prefer either younger or older guys. Although many aspects of dating different aged men are the same, there are some unique considerations if you are interested in someone who is significantly older than you. Older men often offer something unique to the women in their lives. Not only are they more emotionally mature than younger men, but they are already established in their lives and careers. This gives them the advantage of usually having more time to devote to the women in their lives. One of the most helpful tips for dating older men is to be self confident just as they are.

Mature men often come into a relationship with self confidence. They've done the dating and relationship thing before and they know exactly who they are and what they are looking for. Being confident is incredibly attractive to every man and especially so to an older man. Don't apologize for any of your self-perceived shortcomings and embrace who you are as a woman. Never be ashamed if you are a little overweight or if you don't have that executive job that you've always dreamed of yet. Love who you are and an older man will be more likely to love you back. This is really the most important of the tips of dating older men.

Remember that older men may have a different set of values than you do. If you like to hold hands and be affectionate in public this may not be something he's comfortable with. Someone who is older than you was raised in a different time than you and may feel that cuddling is best left in private. Let him guide you in this situation. If you are out shopping or having dinner and he reaches for your hand, embrace his. Letting him set the pace is one of the tips for dating older men that you want to always keep in mind when you are together.

Treat him once in a while. Many older men are very chivalrous and will insist on paying for everything when you two are out together. This is obviously a really lovely gesture but it's also nice to take the reigns sometimes and treat him. He'll really appreciate how thoughtful you are being and he'll love that you value him just as much as he does you.

Specific things you say and do can make a man feel helplessly drawn to you. If you are convinced he is the one there are things you can do to ensure he only has eyes for you. For more insightful tips about understanding men including a way to get him to fall deeply in love with you, visit this informative site!

By Gillian Reynolds Platinum Quality Author

You don't have to leave love to fate or chance. If you are tired of waiting for him to fall hopelessly in love, there are things you can do to make it happen now. Find out right now what you need to do to capture his heart forever.


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