If Your Match is Too Good to Be True than It Probably Is

He likes to dance, watch romance films, shop, travel, and spend money "lavishly." You think, "Wow!" He tells you how he isn't a huge sports fan, but he has a few teams here and there he follows. You are wondering, "Is he gay?" But its all true at least for a month or two maybe even as long as a year, but gradually you notice that what he said during those early stages of dating, isn't quite adding up. The truth is he really doesn't like dancing, shopping or traveling, he considers a good time staying in bed all day not only watching romantic film, but horrors, comedies, porn, you name it , this guy is a regular couch potato. He also enjoys debating with the boys on what team is going to the playoffs and he doesn't like you talking when the game is on. Meanwhile, your thinking, "I thought he wasn't a big sports fan!"

So why didn't he bother to tell you about the fine print when he met you. You know the print that says, "The offer to impress you expires after about 20 dates." Not only that, you find out he is a big cheapskate. Oh he spends money alright at the dollar store, the thrift store, the local yard sale, and the swap meet also known as the flea market! Worse, his apartment or home looks and smells like something out of a thrift store or a college dorm!

Be careful of that older guy who wins you over with sweet words like, "I like to do this...and I really enjoy that..." followed by everything you like to do!! He is forcing himself to be something he is not -- a younger man to fit your needs. If that is what you wanted, you wouldn't have bothered with the older man now would you? When you see this pattern of "too good to be true" happening in your relationship, expose him. Tell him how he doesn't have to tell you he likes something just to keep you interested. Explain to him that you would like to make a decision whether he is your match based on fact not fiction.

If you find that he is more interested in impressing you and not being truthful about who he really is and what he really likes and wants out of life, you might want to save yourself some time and call him an acquaintance like the guy you see every now and then at the local grocery store.

Remember there will come a time in the relationship that he will have a moment of truth where he will ask himself, "What the h*ll am I doing? I don't have any business running around with this young girl! I want my wife back or anyone who isn't twenty-something!"

You've been forewarned, now have a great time and that's it -- a great temporary time! LOL

Nicholl McGuire

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