The Appeal of Older Men

I've always been attracted to older men. Although guys my age have their charms, I'll take a more confident and experienced man any night of the week. Boys who are still trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up are boring. A real man has so much more to offer, including:

1. POWER. You don't have to own an oil company to be powerful. Power is about being comfortable with yourself and confident about what you have to offer a woman. A powerful man doesn't have to prove himself or brag about what he has or who he knows. His accomplishments speak for themselves. Power means not being afraid of rejection. He understands that being turned down says nothing about his value as a person. That kind of cool, confidence is very sexy.

2. SUBSTANCE. The signature word for my generation is "authenticity." The fact that you know who you are and what you believe is a big turn on for women my age. A mature man doesn't play games trying to be someone he's not just to impress me. Younger guys talk a lot about what they are going to do...someday. A mature man has already built a life and has something to show for his efforts.

3. SKILLS. Yes, it's true. Women like a man with 'skills.' We don't want to waste a night with a man who can't find our clitoris or who thinks foreplay consists of taking his pants off. A mature man knows what he's doing in bed and enjoys pleasing women. Most young guys are a little afraid of vaginas. I'd much rather spend an evening with a man who LOVES p*ssy. Sure, your 'texting' skills are probably not so great, but we can teach you. In the mean time, if a young woman asks if you wanna 'B your L on her Ts,' just say 'Hell, yes,' and ask for directions later.

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By Kathryn Carter

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  1. You do not have to be the best looking guy in the dating scene to approach gorgeous women. You don't even have to be the smartest or the richest either. You can work with what you have and make the most beautiful woman out there melt like putty in your hands.

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