Does Looks Matter? What Will Others Think About Me Dating...?

When you are attracted to someone, one of the first things you are going to pay attention to is how this person looks.  Now some optimist types would say, "That shouldn't matter, it's what is on the inside that really counts."  Well, that's all well and good, but welcome to reality older man, younger woman, looks do matter to some, but to who is the question?  Does your mate really care about you?

You may be the kind of person who doesn't care too much about looks.  You may not have a certain type that you prefer to date.  You may not be bothered about whether a woman or man is black, yellow, red or white.  But there are those that all this is important.  This is why you must be sure that who you are dating isn't faking it to make it.  Does he or she really love you inside and out or is this person just tolerating you for now?

There are some people who just know how to act very well when it comes to being into someone.  They will pretend like they enjoy their hobbies and interests when they really don't.  They will act like gray hair, wrinkles and being overweight doesn't bother them, when it really does.  Some men and women will fake being comfortable on a date with someone younger or older.  Meanwhile, he is hoping that his mother, ex-wife or sister won't happen to see him walking down the street with his younger mate or she is praying that her dad doesn't see her with this old man.

You have to be confident with who you are when dating someone older or younger.  You will get those looks.  People will make you feel uncomfortable.  I recall when a group of guys walked by me with my older mate and they were staring.  They looked at me then him and back to me again.  One commented, "Why is she with that old man?"  My stomach dropped.  I was shocked, I couldn't say anything.  To this day, I don't know if my date heard the young man.  Needless to say, the young man's words affected me for at least a day.

Be sure you are willing to stand strong in a relationship such as this especially when the naysayers start bad-mouthing your actions.  Don't be a coward or try to defend your actions.  If you are in love, then so be it.  Who cares what anyone else says?  However, be prepared for some stressful moments and try not to let other's words and reactions affect your dating relationship.

Nicholl McGuire
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