10 Things Men Do With Other Women While in A Relationship that Cause Problems

When a young woman is just getting to know you, your actions may not bother her at first (maybe as long as a year or more,) but as your relationship grows older, a girlfriend or wife's "understanding" begins to get thin. Here are 10 things that you may be doing that may cause problems for your relationship later. Discuss these issues in advance and talk about them again as they come up since a lot can change since those early days of dating.

1. Helping a single woman out financially and physically.

2. Being alone with a woman when it is non-related to business.

3. Touching and sharing a meal with another woman.

4. Lying about your whereabouts or not talking about them with your partner.

5. Talking about your wife or girlfriend intimately with another woman.

6. Having non-business related lunch or dinner with a woman alone.

7. Inviting your wife or girlfriend to an event then ignore her.

8. Kissing or acting playful with other woman in or out of your wife or girlfriend's presence.

9. Not telling your wife or girlfriend that you took a woman home or somewhere else.

10. Talking to relatives and friends about another woman's beauty (your child's teacher, your exs, your co-workers, even the sales clerk at the local store) and comparing that woman with your wife or girlfriend.

You say there is nothing wrong with one or all of these things I have listed. You even feel like your girl is fine with you doing these actions. You may consider women who have these kinds of issues insecure. Debate, disagree, get upset, but one day you will be in the dog house because of one if not all of these issues (think about some of the reasons why you had problems in the past with other women.) According to the Bible even your lustful thoughts can get you into trouble.

Be wise, don't bring unnecessary conflict into your home and avoid the temptation to do things that may rise strife within your wife or girlfriend. Don't cover your behind, expose it! Be open and honest about what you do when you are away from your mate.

Women think beyond what you tell them. Their minds are constantly thinking, especially young, intelligent women, "I wonder who was that woman? Why is she talking so closely to my man? Why are they sharing food with one another? Why didn't he tell me he drove her home three times this week? Why is there a meal for two on this receipt, he never told me he had dinner with someone?" You see how your reputation now looks? She has to think about why you do what you do. You never want a woman to get to a place that she has to come to you and ask you questions. But you don't want to talk so much to the point that you look guilty, telling everything you want her to know, but leaving out the truth.

Here are some tips to help you stay out of the future dog-house:

Invite your wife or girlfriend with you to meet a single woman especially when she offers a proposal "to get together" some time.

Opt out of opportunities to be alone with co-workers. Invite a third wheel to join you and the woman.

Avoid keeping secrets from your wife or girlfriend no matter how upset she gets about it. Would you rather hear her rant now or talk about breaking up with you for being secretive or lying later?

Consider your young wife or girlfriend your best friend now and all other friends (especially those who you know are "very fond" of you and vice versa) should be put on the back-burner -- this doesn't mean abandon them. If they are not helping your relationship then you should cut them off. Why remain friends with someone who doesn't like your young girlfriend and thinks of you as nothing but a Chester molestor unless you really are? Distant yourself from those jealous, lonely, middle-age friends who wouldn't dare doing anything different! Eventually cut them off. Not every friend is a life-time friend!

If your young partner asks you to please stop doing something you know is harming the relationship and you refuse, then you are sending a message to her that those people in your life and/or activities you do are more important than she is. Some men take on a negative attitude about some of these issues, because they know that the young women they are involved with are nothing more than playthings so they don't compromise. But if you are not a player, but a gentleman then consider the fact that this young woman may be your wife and/or the mother of your child one day!

In the future, be more considerate and compassionate of your new mate's feelings. Remember she didn't come into the relationship desiring a companionship with your friends (exs, families, etc.) she came into it for you and the security you provide both mentally and physically -- show her the same courtesy!

Nicholl McGuire

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