Effect of Younger Women on Older Men For Rejuvenation

Aging is an inevitable phenomenon. But as man gets older he can retain his youthful vigor by acts that can be considered unorthodox. One of these recipes is a sexual relationship with a younger woman. The ancient Indian manuals as well as the Arabic manuals all bring out the fact that an older man copulating with a younger woman is a form of rejuvenation for the man. The ancient oriental sex manuals have accepted this as a truth.

One can argue about the veracity of the recipe recommended by the eastern manuals, but the western world has only now accepted this though with some reservations. This acceptance has come about because this is a subject of study in the west. In the United States this aspect has been studied by some scientists. Scholars at Stanford and the University of California-Santa Barbara have carried out research on this aspect of a man's sexual relationship with a younger woman. The study at the beginning of the twenty first century has made some revelations that have been known to the oriental for many hundreds of years. The study concluded that an older man who had a sexual relationship with a younger woman tended to live longer.

On the face of it a lot many rationalists and a lot of women as well are apt to negate this study. But there is no doubt that a relationship with a younger woman for a male does have a beneficial effect on him. It affects the physiology of the male. The male feels younger and has an intense desire to please his younger partner. This desire allows a male to do certain acts that will give his sex an impetus as well as please his younger partner. The Max Plank institute in Germany carried out a study on this aspect as well. Scientists there concluded that man tended to live longer if took as his sexual mate a woman who preferably was about 15 to 17 younger than him. Statistics are always difficult to digest but scientists at the institute feel that longevity of the male could go up by as much as 20%.Ancient sex manuals also say the same thing.

For a lot many people it is difficult to accept this. But there every day sex with a younger woman may make the man live longer. This is because the sex act by itself is a therapy. The effect on the man and his physiology is beneficial as it gives a purpose to a man in his life. He will exercise and keep himself fit as a desire to please his partner becomes a tremendous motivating force for him.

In the everyday world it is very difficult to start a relationship between older men and much younger women. There are very limited ways for this though a relationship in the office with an older boss or colleague is an accepted norm. But now with the advent of the internet the chance to start a relationship are greatly increased. People seem less likely to be concerned about the age difference on the net and love could blossom.

A younger woman will always make her partner feel younger. During the relationship or marriage the man will strive to please his partner leading to very beneficial results for him. A younger woman will help a man to stay in the same sexual level even with passage of a year or so.

Men, who have sex daily, especially with younger women, are more likely to live longer. A study in Denmark from 1990 to 2005 has concluded that higher life expectancy of the male could be because of younger women caring for their men. Obviously one may well ask as to what is there in such a relationship for a woman. For a younger woman it can be a very exciting surprise whose only sexual experience may have been only with men of her age. Women often complain that their need for foreplay is much more and a lot men do not get it. This is a plus point as an older man will take time to rouse himself and in the process he could spend a long time to raise the pitch of his younger partner. The result can only be beneficial. In addition older men are able to have more control over the physical and mental state of the woman and obviously more knowledge of what gives the greater pleasure to his younger partner.

The ancient sex manuals of the orient have given a lot of theory and to put it to practical use it is up to the man.

By Madan G Singh

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