Age Difference Matters When Pain is Involved

He has aches and pains that remind you of your dad. He tells you its from old injuries back in the day from playing sports. At first you are understanding, but as you learn more about him, you find he is often too tired to watch a movie in its entirety, goes to bed early, and he pops pain pills like Skittles.

Some young women aren't affected by the grunts and ouches that come and go from a man twice even tripple their ages, but other women are bothered by them. If you are an active younger woman who is fit, don't settle for a man who is often in pain. You may pity him in order to stay with him and that is the wrong reason. You may stick it out with him, because you think you have something to gain from being empathetic or worse, you secretly think one day he will die and you will achieve his wealth. Don't be so sure, many men are living longer than women nowadays.

If you can live with his aches and pains especially after great sex, so be it, but if you know that secretly you can't stand his old wrinkled butt, then by all means save yourself and him some time and kindly break it off!

Nicholl McGuire, experienced in dating older men during her terrible twenties. She has seen it all gray hair, age marks, wrinkles, war wounds, and smelled it all too -- LOL! But it didn't keep her away from embracing the maturity and security of dating someone older.

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  1. I have a boyfriend who is twice my age and he is often in pain. Having had several surgeries on his back, from an accident many years ago, has left him in a state of almost constant pain and discomfort. Does it bother me? It only bothers me that it bothers him.
    My love for him is far greater than his ability to keep up with ME. I am not so self-serving.


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