Understanding Men and Depression - Especially During Mid-Life Crises

Male depression is often a taboo subject of discussion as is with impotency and sexuality. However it is a very serious problem affecting approximately 40% of men between ages 40-60 years. It is especially during the male midlife crises phase that depression increases significantly. Men strongly oppose or deny the existence of male depression as this may reflect on them as being possibly weak or sissy-like and also don't understand the link between sex and depression.

Men and woman experience and cope differently with depression. Females are self-blaming and feel guilty while males blame other people and feel ashamed. Males want to remain in control at all times and woman have problems setting limits.

Common symptoms are insomnia, irritability, changes in sex drive and impotency. However cluster symptoms are not easily recognisable and thus not easily diagnosed by Doctors and other health care Professionals.

What can be done when you recognize these symptoms in your husband, partner, neighbour or even co-worker? Do not mention depression directly, rather approach it with an angle as the male brain is wired to deny anything that might look weak or female-like. Help will only be sought when pressured by important people in their life, so make sure that the man feels that he is important to you.

What are the available treatments?

Treatment can take the form of support groups, counselling or psychotherapy, medication either natural or prescribed. Medical science has evolved so much the last couple of decades that an extensive range of antidepressant medication is available from your physician. The medication can be classified as follows:SSR's, is most effect drugs on the market with less side effects than Tricyclic Antidepressants. Avoid usage with weight loss supplements and pills, Tryptophan and St. John's Wort.

Amphetamines are very, very dangerous medication and should only be prescribed by highly skilled Psychiatrists.

Tricyclic Antidepressants, are generics although cost-effective have lots of side effects.

Depression can also be greatly reduced by the patient self by means of dietary changes, exercise, mind shifting to more positive thoughts and approaches as well as development of stress management skills.

By Trevor Johnson
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