The Inner Circle: A Certain Rich Man's Paradise

If you don't know anything about occult organizations, secret societies, or anything similar, then for some of you young single women, it's time for you to start researching, because you just might be tempted to be a part of something that you can't handle.  The truly wealthy have connections to people, places and things that "the profane" simply aren't privy to. 

A certain rich man's paradise, referring to the title of this work, describes any man who is able to mold, shape, and build up others in such a way that he controls the mind to do what he so desires.  His inner circle are those associations he is connected to whether seen or unseen.  A certain man meaning secret, rich (having wealth) and paradise (being able to have all his needs met--a heaven on earth to do as he wishes).  Now how does a young woman fit in all of this?  Well, she is nothing more than a vessel, sometimes willing, other times not so much.  She parades her pretty, little self before men of influence in the hopes of having a typical rich girl's life only to find out there is more than meets the eye.

Now this rich man's inner circle is not one for righteous behaviors (at least behind closed doors).  Sadistic men, sociopaths, criminals, whatever you would like to call immoral men who aren't much interested in the following like:  chivalry (although the occasional door opening gesture will throw many off), respect, and a future with their play things.  Rather, they are more concerned with acting out sick fantasies while hoping all willing or not-so willing will keep what happens in Vegas, so to speak, in Vegas.

Many of you who have experienced dating a man of influence saw the markings on his flesh, a statute or other symbol here and there such as:  decorating his automobile, an interesting piece of artwork, and an odd keepsake at his home sitting on a table, wrapped around his finger, resting on his neck or elsewhere, but did you know what you were viewing?  He may have shared some fascinating information about those relic, but then again, maybe not.  Some of you may know a thing or two about a few rich men's secret lives, but don't really care, because what those wealthy members are giving you for the time being is all that really matters--that is until emotions get in the way and strange things start happening to you, now you care and hope that others will care too.

When your older man shook hands with certain individuals did you see anything strange?  What about when you sat down with him at some function, did his conversation, more specifically a greeting, cause you to scratch your head?  Once again meaningless to young women who want nothing more than to run away from home and live out their dreams on someone else's dime.   

Sex, sex and more sex, it's unfortunate, but that's all many young "I hope to be a star one day" types are used for, because that is what they offer-- of course in the hopes that they will get a token for lying on their backs.  We see evidence of one being used and abused when observing celebrities over a period of time (also think of reality show actors)--the symbols and signs say it all.  But young, programmable women, that's right I said, programmable women are used in a rich man's inner circle for more than just sex.  What makes them programmable? Hardship, resentment, bitterness, a need to escape reality, childhood abuse, and more. 

Women who are talked into going places where the Average Joes and Janes don't frequent are told to do unspeakable things.  You can learn more about this sort of behavior if you study mind control, beta sex kitten programming, sex slaves, etc.  In time, a split mind and a split whatever else will be used in whatever way her master sees fit.

Now these things mentioned in this entry aren't for the weak-minded, the skeptical, or someone who has never sat down an interviewed a single individual who has been exposed to elitist groups/individuals/etc.  But whatever you may or may not know is for you to ponder, question and hopefully keep yourself out of some trouble in the future--especially if you are a young woman thinking you can just date any old man, get what you want and be gone with the wind. 

The "certain" rich man paid a price to either create an inner circle or be welcomed into it by others.  He had to go through a series of tests, attend meetings, show he's loyal, trustworthy, and the like.  The puppet will recruit others in the same way like a pimp on the street looking for a new hooker to add to the collection.  The young woman unfamiliar with how the most wealthy of our land operate will walk into a trap if she isn't careful.  Her new friends may look friendly, but at the end of the day not so much.

I recall a man who had been exposed to some elitists (whose occupations he didn't know since the group was secret), outside of America.  He told me a story of having the privilege to be amongst a male witch and his coven.  He described the scene, similar to the ritualistic scene he saw in the movie, "Eyes Wide Shut."  I was taken aback.  He had shared with me information about those of darkness.  He went on to tell me that he followed the instructions of a god of darkness, he referred to as Lucifer, but also considered himself to be his own god.  There were many who agreed with him in and out of the group, although some didn't participate in any rituals, their mannerisms and people connections said that they were definitely on board with dark supernatural influences that went beyond just meeting a young woman and "hooking up."

Some of you may be familiar with sexual abuse, sexual programming, and ritualistic abuse, you may have thought that what you heard or personally went through is a thing of the past.  But as we speak, some nice looking young woman is making plans to meet someone online who has plans for her that go beyond just dinner and a movie.  Of course, not all men are doing bizarre things when no one is looking, and besides, there really are some nice, wealthy men out there, I've met quite a few in my lifetime, but be wise anyway.  Be aware of your surroundings, don't be quick to have sex, and avoid going to unfamiliar places.

Nicholl McGuire


Young Woman: Are You Bargain Basement Sugar Baby or Big Buy Sugar Baby?

If you desire to be with a rich man, you might want to learn more about yourself and what you really want to do with your life to avoid being manipulated, but if you are already labeled a Sugar Baby then someone may have already conned you a time or two while you walked away from these men empty-handed.  Rich men can be controlling and they can also easily put you in a category based on how you talk, walk and of course, shop around them.  So which are you?  A Bargain Basement Baby or a Big Buy Baby, Sugar?

Bargain Basement Sugar Baby

She might be thrifty when it comes to buying herself things out of her own money, but spend a bit more when using someone else's--does that describe you?  She is not big on the name brand items, but may purchase a few high ticket items on sale every now and then.  She is so grateful that a rich man cares about her that her way of showing her appreciation is to save him money.  Meanwhile, she doesn't think about all of the things she may have done for him already like help with his business, have sex with him, give him companionship, etc.  So while she keeps putting out whatever he wants, he rations his money.  He could have given Bargain Basement Baby more, but she seems content with whatever he gives, so he has gotten the young niave woman for a bargain basement discount or a steal--depending on how desperate she is to be pampered.

Big Buy Sugar Baby

She has big bills and needs plenty of money to pay off those bills.  She finds a way to get a lot for a little.  She may purchase a big ticket item only to return it so she can get more money.  She may ask for money from more than one partner, because she has learned, probably the hard way, that a single man just can't meet her needs with a few hundred dollar bills here and there.  Big Buy Baby doesn't care too much about the future, because she is too busy putting out sex, service, or other things her rich man requests.  The rich man knows that the more he wants from a pretty young woman, the more he will have to buy her.  There are no discounts with Big Buy Sugar Baby.

These are only two character descriptions of many Sugar Babies that are going about our world at times careless and rebellious.  Caring relatives and friends say, "Be careful.  You know you don't have to do that..."  But the Sugar Babies believe that what they are doing is morally okay.  They see nothing wrong with a man caring for them in this way and don't believe they are prostituting themselves. 

These young women want memories and money.  They want to see the world, live a quality life, and not worry over how this bill and that one is going to get paid.  Traditionally most of us sought men or women that we thought were a good match for us.  We spent money during the dating phase, more money during the engagement, and much money once married.  No one stopped many of us to say, "Why are you taking advantage of him...her...why aren't you working?  Are you giving him sex?  Does he have other women?"  But things happen that look similar to a rich older man and sugar baby relationship.  Jim finds a young woman while married to Amy, now he has to buy them both to keep their mouths shut. 

What makes these young women and older men dating one another wrong in what they do to some critics is that they have no shame and they aren't interested in a committed relationship.  If you put rings on the two and they vowed to love one another, no one would say too much of anything except, "Look at that old man with that baby?"  As one woman told me, "To each his own."

Nicholl McGuire

Rich Man: Is Your Young Partner Friend or Foe?

When we are in relationships we are vulnerable--suceptible to being hurt, so we try real hard to avoid pain by ignoring all signs that might upset us when dating others.  We don't see things that others outside of our relationship see.  We think we know something about that person we love when in all actuality we may not.  Some partners are troubled, procrastinators, mamipulators, and just plain rude.  A rich man who is desperate to be with someone who loves him for him and not so much for what he has, is going to want to know whether his possible spouse one day will be his best friend or worse foe.  Relatives and friends in the rich man's inner circle might alert him to things regarding his choice in a mate.  But what should the mature man be looking out for when it comes to partnering with a young woman? 

Can I trust her?

He may put her through some tests.  He may leave his wallet out on purpose with a wad of cash sticking out to see if she will steal it.  He may tell her information that he knows isn't confidential but he will act like it just to see if she will go back and tell others about it.  Can he trust his potential mate?  After a series of tests, she just might pass, but he isn't completely convinced just yet.

Does she love me?

Does she really love him like she claims?  There may be many young women that a rich man can choose from, but can he love that One who may one day be the mother of his children.  Is her love sincerely for him or for his lifestyle or both?  The rich man may also want to know if the young woman loves people or can at least get along with them.  If she is often in conflict with people and is hard to comprehend when she talks about love, the mature man may determine that the young woman may have a heart as cold as ice and will no longer bother with her.  No man wants to keep hearing stories about how a woman hates this and hates that.

Is she independent ?

During the dating phase, the rich man will want to find out exactly how much time and money he will have to invest in this woman to keep him and her happy, but he doesn't want to do everything for her.  Is she the independent type?  If the young woman shows signs that she wants to learn more about something she enjoys, start a business, attend college, get a great job, and more, then the rich man may not have to worry over his future mate wanting to live exclusively off his wealth.

Is she mentally stable?

Not every young, nice-looking woman has it altogether in her mind.  Mentally disturbed women can be a challenge to live with--just ask anyone who has had to care for a medicated spouse or one whose mind is leaving him or her.  The insane woman will mess things up like the household, finances, friendships, business partnerships--you name it!  Sometimes a man can tell whether a woman is crazy or going crazy simply by the way she walks, talks and dresses, but there are those women that one can't see right away whether they are stable or unstable.  Therefore, if the rich man is wise, he will observe her for a time while asking personal questions that will cause the young woman to critically think about her life, current events, relationship, future, etc.  The wise rich man will ponder on her answers to determine whether this woman is in fact someone he can stand coversing with at great length.  He will also meet her family and study them for signs of instability while listening to any stories that sound crazy.  There is an old adage that goes something like this, "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree."  Keep that in mind!

Now there are other things that intelligent rich men will seek in a young woman who they wouldn't mind carrying on their arms such as: who she knows, where she works and how long has she been there, is she responsible, and does she have a faith, great support system, education, etc.  If a woman is all show but no go, a rich man will end any partnership with her as soon as possible (for instance, like stop calling her) because the less she knows about him the better.  He doesn't want to risk his reputation connecting with an insane, insecure, dependent, unloving, pretty woman.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love Myself and other books.


When She Loses Interest in the Rich Older Man

From calling him names during an argument to having fits in public about what her rich older boyfriend does and doesn't do for her, the young woman appears to lack common sense and self-control when in a relationship with a rich older man.  But does she have good reason to act so ugly?  Maybe not, but this young woman in the example is definitely losing interest and respect for her older partner, but why?

He doesn't keep up his appearance or health.

When they first started dating, both appeared very attractive to one another, but over time people get comfortable with one another, and before long they let themselves go.  The younger woman starts seeing those signs of aging up close and personal on her partner and starts to think about things that aren't positive or uplifting especially if he isn't a very nice person to her.  In time, her disappointments start coming out in her conversation sometimes as suggestions and other times as insults.  "Why can't you take Viagra, old man!  Why do I put up with you when I can get a younger guy who looks far better?  Why talk about me and what I do, what about you?" A disgruntled young woman who isn't happy with her partner can be verbally abusive to the point where an older man will want to do some things to her that he might regret.  Save yourself future arguments, take care of mind, body and spirit on a daily basis!  The truth hurts, so if an older man chooses to date a younger woman he has to work harder on his appearance a little more than he would if he were with a woman his own age.

He was no different than an unwise, irresponsible young man.

Most younger women who date older men do it because they want to try something different, heard some good things about dating older men, and just naturally want someone older for any number of reasons.  Women in their 20s know that many men in their age group are immature, not knowledgeable when it comes to making a woman happy, and have no short or long term goals for career, family, lifestyle, and more.  Oftentimes, young men are given the pass, so to speak, for their lack of wealth and foolish behaviors.  But a mature man is held up to higher standards by both young and older women as well as observant males in his girlfriend's family, because "he should know better...he has lived on this earth long enough...he should have made something with his life at his age," some say.  When an older man has dropped the ball when it comes to caring for his young partner and seeing to it that she wants for nothing, the young woman becomes difficult to converse or live with leaving the rich older man feeling frustrated and ready to end the relationship.

He has too many responsibilities and little time for her.

From phone calls to meetings, the rich older man is always needed by someone or some group.  When he spends more time talking to people outside the home than in the home, he will not be able to keep a young, active woman around.  She will grow weary of having to adjust her schedule because of his "prior engagements."  The woman will start acting insecure and jealous when she sees her man here, there and everywhere with other attractive young and older women.  Some young women need to be tended to because they don't have quite enough experience being alone and dependent on self.  So she will battle for your attention if you aren't giving her any in more ways than just walking around without any panties on.

He says one thing, but does another.

Most women in relationships stay with their partners because somewhere down the line, their men promised them something.  But when a man doesn't follow through with his promises, there will be hell to pay sooner or later.  "So you said you wanted to marry me, why didn't you?  You said you wanted children, why haven't we had any?  You said that you would take me to Hawaii, why not?  You told me that you would introduce me to your family, why don't you bring me around them?"  If one ignores a disgruntled young woman's questions, makes excuses, or gets angry about what she is asking, then expect her to be unhappy, a nag, and ready to rid herself of someone who can't keep his promises.

Before dating any young woman, understand that they are no different than an older woman when it comes to losing interest in you.  A sweet woman can become sour quickly when you expect her to do things that you know you aren't doing.  So keep your appearance and health up to par, act mature, balance your time between job and relationship, and most of all keep your promises!

Nicholl McGuire


Things that Some Older Men Say to Get a Pretty Young Thing to Come and Talk to Them

1. Hey, you did the right thing putting that umbrella up, because sugar melts.  Keep smiling, baby! -- older gentleman passing by just had to say something.

2.  Hmm, mmm, (whistle).--
older gentleman who was at a lost for words.

3.  Hello.  What's your name?--a normal older man who couldn't think of anything creative to say.

4.  How are you doing?  Do you need help with something?  I can help you with anything you need.--
a desperate old man who needed either money, sex or both.

5.  You have a nice smile, come on over here and talk with me awhile.

6.  Do you need a lift?-- an older man who might not be as nice as he looked.

7.  Let me help you with that.--a typical move to get close to a young woman.

8.  Do I know you from somewhere?--he knew he didn't know me, but he got me to speak.

9.  Have I seen you here before?

10.  You seem to be lost Dorothy...you are a long way from Kansas City. (Wizard of the Oz character reference.)

11.  How long have you been waiting for the bus.--a great conversation starter.

12.  Do you think this rain will ever stop?--another great conversation starter.

13.  How old are you?--What the?  Do I know you?

14.  Where are you from?--Is this question really necessary?  Are you asking me out on a date?

When is Too Old, Too Old?

I noticed that the older I get, the older the men get that I attract.  When I was in my early 20s the men were in their 30s and early 40s.  Now that I am nearing the big 40, the men are in their late 50s and 60s. 

Every now and again I manage to have an interesting conversation with a man in his 70s who wants to take me home, but there's just one problem, the wife doesn't think it's a good idea.

I hope you are enjoying this blog.  There is much more to come, so keep reading!



Older Guy, Young Guy - a poem by Nicholl McGuire

I'm not going to lie,
"Yes, he's an older guy."

Younger guy sighs,
then he asks, "Why?"

"Because he doesn't say bye."
Older man knows he's going to die.
Younger guy too concerned about "me and my."

"I'm not going to cheat and lie,"
coming from the mouth of a younger guy.

But older man says, "That's a lie!"
He has been there, done that,
seen the movie, and knows
that younger guys still want to get groovy.

"I just need you, want you, don't need anything!"
But that's just a sad song a deceitful guy likes to sing.

Older guy warns about those "young boys"
and how they play girls like Barbie toys.

Young guy tells a story of an old dude,
talks about how he acts real rude.

Both telling on one another,
no male loyalty to each other.

So many lame games,
so many young dames.

Older guy can buy one or two today,
and have a new lady friend by next May.

Young guy can beg and plead,
and hope that he can get a little for free.

Sex does nothing more than perplex,
creates a few too many train wrecks.

True love comes to those who limit strife,
comes to a mature man who desires a wife.

Nicholl McGuire


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