When She Loses Interest in the Rich Older Man

From calling him names during an argument to having fits in public about what her rich older boyfriend does and doesn't do for her, the young woman appears to lack common sense and self-control when in a relationship with a rich older man.  But does she have good reason to act so ugly?  Maybe not, but this young woman in the example is definitely losing interest and respect for her older partner, but why?

He doesn't keep up his appearance or health.

When they first started dating, both appeared very attractive to one another, but over time people get comfortable with one another, and before long they let themselves go.  The younger woman starts seeing those signs of aging up close and personal on her partner and starts to think about things that aren't positive or uplifting especially if he isn't a very nice person to her.  In time, her disappointments start coming out in her conversation sometimes as suggestions and other times as insults.  "Why can't you take Viagra, old man!  Why do I put up with you when I can get a younger guy who looks far better?  Why talk about me and what I do, what about you?" A disgruntled young woman who isn't happy with her partner can be verbally abusive to the point where an older man will want to do some things to her that he might regret.  Save yourself future arguments, take care of mind, body and spirit on a daily basis!  The truth hurts, so if an older man chooses to date a younger woman he has to work harder on his appearance a little more than he would if he were with a woman his own age.

He was no different than an unwise, irresponsible young man.

Most younger women who date older men do it because they want to try something different, heard some good things about dating older men, and just naturally want someone older for any number of reasons.  Women in their 20s know that many men in their age group are immature, not knowledgeable when it comes to making a woman happy, and have no short or long term goals for career, family, lifestyle, and more.  Oftentimes, young men are given the pass, so to speak, for their lack of wealth and foolish behaviors.  But a mature man is held up to higher standards by both young and older women as well as observant males in his girlfriend's family, because "he should know better...he has lived on this earth long enough...he should have made something with his life at his age," some say.  When an older man has dropped the ball when it comes to caring for his young partner and seeing to it that she wants for nothing, the young woman becomes difficult to converse or live with leaving the rich older man feeling frustrated and ready to end the relationship.

He has too many responsibilities and little time for her.

From phone calls to meetings, the rich older man is always needed by someone or some group.  When he spends more time talking to people outside the home than in the home, he will not be able to keep a young, active woman around.  She will grow weary of having to adjust her schedule because of his "prior engagements."  The woman will start acting insecure and jealous when she sees her man here, there and everywhere with other attractive young and older women.  Some young women need to be tended to because they don't have quite enough experience being alone and dependent on self.  So she will battle for your attention if you aren't giving her any in more ways than just walking around without any panties on.

He says one thing, but does another.

Most women in relationships stay with their partners because somewhere down the line, their men promised them something.  But when a man doesn't follow through with his promises, there will be hell to pay sooner or later.  "So you said you wanted to marry me, why didn't you?  You said you wanted children, why haven't we had any?  You said that you would take me to Hawaii, why not?  You told me that you would introduce me to your family, why don't you bring me around them?"  If one ignores a disgruntled young woman's questions, makes excuses, or gets angry about what she is asking, then expect her to be unhappy, a nag, and ready to rid herself of someone who can't keep his promises.

Before dating any young woman, understand that they are no different than an older woman when it comes to losing interest in you.  A sweet woman can become sour quickly when you expect her to do things that you know you aren't doing.  So keep your appearance and health up to par, act mature, balance your time between job and relationship, and most of all keep your promises!

Nicholl McGuire

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