The Inner Circle: A Certain Rich Man's Paradise

If you don't know anything about occult organizations, secret societies, or anything similar, then for some of you young single women, it's time for you to start researching, because you just might be tempted to be a part of something that you can't handle.  The truly wealthy have connections to people, places and things that "the profane" simply aren't privy to. 

A certain rich man's paradise, referring to the title of this work, describes any man who is able to mold, shape, and build up others in such a way that he controls the mind to do what he so desires.  His inner circle are those associations he is connected to whether seen or unseen.  A certain man meaning secret, rich (having wealth) and paradise (being able to have all his needs met--a heaven on earth to do as he wishes).  Now how does a young woman fit in all of this?  Well, she is nothing more than a vessel, sometimes willing, other times not so much.  She parades her pretty, little self before men of influence in the hopes of having a typical rich girl's life only to find out there is more than meets the eye.

Now this rich man's inner circle is not one for righteous behaviors (at least behind closed doors).  Sadistic men, sociopaths, criminals, whatever you would like to call immoral men who aren't much interested in the following like:  chivalry (although the occasional door opening gesture will throw many off), respect, and a future with their play things.  Rather, they are more concerned with acting out sick fantasies while hoping all willing or not-so willing will keep what happens in Vegas, so to speak, in Vegas.

Many of you who have experienced dating a man of influence saw the markings on his flesh, a statute or other symbol here and there such as:  decorating his automobile, an interesting piece of artwork, and an odd keepsake at his home sitting on a table, wrapped around his finger, resting on his neck or elsewhere, but did you know what you were viewing?  He may have shared some fascinating information about those relic, but then again, maybe not.  Some of you may know a thing or two about a few rich men's secret lives, but don't really care, because what those wealthy members are giving you for the time being is all that really matters--that is until emotions get in the way and strange things start happening to you, now you care and hope that others will care too.

When your older man shook hands with certain individuals did you see anything strange?  What about when you sat down with him at some function, did his conversation, more specifically a greeting, cause you to scratch your head?  Once again meaningless to young women who want nothing more than to run away from home and live out their dreams on someone else's dime.   

Sex, sex and more sex, it's unfortunate, but that's all many young "I hope to be a star one day" types are used for, because that is what they offer-- of course in the hopes that they will get a token for lying on their backs.  We see evidence of one being used and abused when observing celebrities over a period of time (also think of reality show actors)--the symbols and signs say it all.  But young, programmable women, that's right I said, programmable women are used in a rich man's inner circle for more than just sex.  What makes them programmable? Hardship, resentment, bitterness, a need to escape reality, childhood abuse, and more. 

Women who are talked into going places where the Average Joes and Janes don't frequent are told to do unspeakable things.  You can learn more about this sort of behavior if you study mind control, beta sex kitten programming, sex slaves, etc.  In time, a split mind and a split whatever else will be used in whatever way her master sees fit.

Now these things mentioned in this entry aren't for the weak-minded, the skeptical, or someone who has never sat down an interviewed a single individual who has been exposed to elitist groups/individuals/etc.  But whatever you may or may not know is for you to ponder, question and hopefully keep yourself out of some trouble in the future--especially if you are a young woman thinking you can just date any old man, get what you want and be gone with the wind. 

The "certain" rich man paid a price to either create an inner circle or be welcomed into it by others.  He had to go through a series of tests, attend meetings, show he's loyal, trustworthy, and the like.  The puppet will recruit others in the same way like a pimp on the street looking for a new hooker to add to the collection.  The young woman unfamiliar with how the most wealthy of our land operate will walk into a trap if she isn't careful.  Her new friends may look friendly, but at the end of the day not so much.

I recall a man who had been exposed to some elitists (whose occupations he didn't know since the group was secret), outside of America.  He told me a story of having the privilege to be amongst a male witch and his coven.  He described the scene, similar to the ritualistic scene he saw in the movie, "Eyes Wide Shut."  I was taken aback.  He had shared with me information about those of darkness.  He went on to tell me that he followed the instructions of a god of darkness, he referred to as Lucifer, but also considered himself to be his own god.  There were many who agreed with him in and out of the group, although some didn't participate in any rituals, their mannerisms and people connections said that they were definitely on board with dark supernatural influences that went beyond just meeting a young woman and "hooking up."

Some of you may be familiar with sexual abuse, sexual programming, and ritualistic abuse, you may have thought that what you heard or personally went through is a thing of the past.  But as we speak, some nice looking young woman is making plans to meet someone online who has plans for her that go beyond just dinner and a movie.  Of course, not all men are doing bizarre things when no one is looking, and besides, there really are some nice, wealthy men out there, I've met quite a few in my lifetime, but be wise anyway.  Be aware of your surroundings, don't be quick to have sex, and avoid going to unfamiliar places.

Nicholl McGuire

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