Rich Man: Is Your Young Partner Friend or Foe?

When we are in relationships we are vulnerable--suceptible to being hurt, so we try real hard to avoid pain by ignoring all signs that might upset us when dating others.  We don't see things that others outside of our relationship see.  We think we know something about that person we love when in all actuality we may not.  Some partners are troubled, procrastinators, mamipulators, and just plain rude.  A rich man who is desperate to be with someone who loves him for him and not so much for what he has, is going to want to know whether his possible spouse one day will be his best friend or worse foe.  Relatives and friends in the rich man's inner circle might alert him to things regarding his choice in a mate.  But what should the mature man be looking out for when it comes to partnering with a young woman? 

Can I trust her?

He may put her through some tests.  He may leave his wallet out on purpose with a wad of cash sticking out to see if she will steal it.  He may tell her information that he knows isn't confidential but he will act like it just to see if she will go back and tell others about it.  Can he trust his potential mate?  After a series of tests, she just might pass, but he isn't completely convinced just yet.

Does she love me?

Does she really love him like she claims?  There may be many young women that a rich man can choose from, but can he love that One who may one day be the mother of his children.  Is her love sincerely for him or for his lifestyle or both?  The rich man may also want to know if the young woman loves people or can at least get along with them.  If she is often in conflict with people and is hard to comprehend when she talks about love, the mature man may determine that the young woman may have a heart as cold as ice and will no longer bother with her.  No man wants to keep hearing stories about how a woman hates this and hates that.

Is she independent ?

During the dating phase, the rich man will want to find out exactly how much time and money he will have to invest in this woman to keep him and her happy, but he doesn't want to do everything for her.  Is she the independent type?  If the young woman shows signs that she wants to learn more about something she enjoys, start a business, attend college, get a great job, and more, then the rich man may not have to worry over his future mate wanting to live exclusively off his wealth.

Is she mentally stable?

Not every young, nice-looking woman has it altogether in her mind.  Mentally disturbed women can be a challenge to live with--just ask anyone who has had to care for a medicated spouse or one whose mind is leaving him or her.  The insane woman will mess things up like the household, finances, friendships, business partnerships--you name it!  Sometimes a man can tell whether a woman is crazy or going crazy simply by the way she walks, talks and dresses, but there are those women that one can't see right away whether they are stable or unstable.  Therefore, if the rich man is wise, he will observe her for a time while asking personal questions that will cause the young woman to critically think about her life, current events, relationship, future, etc.  The wise rich man will ponder on her answers to determine whether this woman is in fact someone he can stand coversing with at great length.  He will also meet her family and study them for signs of instability while listening to any stories that sound crazy.  There is an old adage that goes something like this, "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree."  Keep that in mind!

Now there are other things that intelligent rich men will seek in a young woman who they wouldn't mind carrying on their arms such as: who she knows, where she works and how long has she been there, is she responsible, and does she have a faith, great support system, education, etc.  If a woman is all show but no go, a rich man will end any partnership with her as soon as possible (for instance, like stop calling her) because the less she knows about him the better.  He doesn't want to risk his reputation connecting with an insane, insecure, dependent, unloving, pretty woman.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love Myself and other books.

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