Young Woman: Are You Bargain Basement Sugar Baby or Big Buy Sugar Baby?

If you desire to be with a rich man, you might want to learn more about yourself and what you really want to do with your life to avoid being manipulated, but if you are already labeled a Sugar Baby then someone may have already conned you a time or two while you walked away from these men empty-handed.  Rich men can be controlling and they can also easily put you in a category based on how you talk, walk and of course, shop around them.  So which are you?  A Bargain Basement Baby or a Big Buy Baby, Sugar?

Bargain Basement Sugar Baby

She might be thrifty when it comes to buying herself things out of her own money, but spend a bit more when using someone else's--does that describe you?  She is not big on the name brand items, but may purchase a few high ticket items on sale every now and then.  She is so grateful that a rich man cares about her that her way of showing her appreciation is to save him money.  Meanwhile, she doesn't think about all of the things she may have done for him already like help with his business, have sex with him, give him companionship, etc.  So while she keeps putting out whatever he wants, he rations his money.  He could have given Bargain Basement Baby more, but she seems content with whatever he gives, so he has gotten the young niave woman for a bargain basement discount or a steal--depending on how desperate she is to be pampered.

Big Buy Sugar Baby

She has big bills and needs plenty of money to pay off those bills.  She finds a way to get a lot for a little.  She may purchase a big ticket item only to return it so she can get more money.  She may ask for money from more than one partner, because she has learned, probably the hard way, that a single man just can't meet her needs with a few hundred dollar bills here and there.  Big Buy Baby doesn't care too much about the future, because she is too busy putting out sex, service, or other things her rich man requests.  The rich man knows that the more he wants from a pretty young woman, the more he will have to buy her.  There are no discounts with Big Buy Sugar Baby.

These are only two character descriptions of many Sugar Babies that are going about our world at times careless and rebellious.  Caring relatives and friends say, "Be careful.  You know you don't have to do that..."  But the Sugar Babies believe that what they are doing is morally okay.  They see nothing wrong with a man caring for them in this way and don't believe they are prostituting themselves. 

These young women want memories and money.  They want to see the world, live a quality life, and not worry over how this bill and that one is going to get paid.  Traditionally most of us sought men or women that we thought were a good match for us.  We spent money during the dating phase, more money during the engagement, and much money once married.  No one stopped many of us to say, "Why are you taking advantage of him...her...why aren't you working?  Are you giving him sex?  Does he have other women?"  But things happen that look similar to a rich older man and sugar baby relationship.  Jim finds a young woman while married to Amy, now he has to buy them both to keep their mouths shut. 

What makes these young women and older men dating one another wrong in what they do to some critics is that they have no shame and they aren't interested in a committed relationship.  If you put rings on the two and they vowed to love one another, no one would say too much of anything except, "Look at that old man with that baby?"  As one woman told me, "To each his own."

Nicholl McGuire

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