Older Guy, Young Guy - a poem by Nicholl McGuire

I'm not going to lie,
"Yes, he's an older guy."

Younger guy sighs,
then he asks, "Why?"

"Because he doesn't say bye."
Older man knows he's going to die.
Younger guy too concerned about "me and my."

"I'm not going to cheat and lie,"
coming from the mouth of a younger guy.

But older man says, "That's a lie!"
He has been there, done that,
seen the movie, and knows
that younger guys still want to get groovy.

"I just need you, want you, don't need anything!"
But that's just a sad song a deceitful guy likes to sing.

Older guy warns about those "young boys"
and how they play girls like Barbie toys.

Young guy tells a story of an old dude,
talks about how he acts real rude.

Both telling on one another,
no male loyalty to each other.

So many lame games,
so many young dames.

Older guy can buy one or two today,
and have a new lady friend by next May.

Young guy can beg and plead,
and hope that he can get a little for free.

Sex does nothing more than perplex,
creates a few too many train wrecks.

True love comes to those who limit strife,
comes to a mature man who desires a wife.

Nicholl McGuire

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