Things that Some Older Men Say to Get a Pretty Young Thing to Come and Talk to Them

1. Hey, you did the right thing putting that umbrella up, because sugar melts.  Keep smiling, baby! -- older gentleman passing by just had to say something.

2.  Hmm, mmm, (whistle).--
older gentleman who was at a lost for words.

3.  Hello.  What's your name?--a normal older man who couldn't think of anything creative to say.

4.  How are you doing?  Do you need help with something?  I can help you with anything you need.--
a desperate old man who needed either money, sex or both.

5.  You have a nice smile, come on over here and talk with me awhile.

6.  Do you need a lift?-- an older man who might not be as nice as he looked.

7.  Let me help you with that.--a typical move to get close to a young woman.

8.  Do I know you from somewhere?--he knew he didn't know me, but he got me to speak.

9.  Have I seen you here before?

10.  You seem to be lost are a long way from Kansas City. (Wizard of the Oz character reference.)

11.  How long have you been waiting for the bus.--a great conversation starter.

12.  Do you think this rain will ever stop?--another great conversation starter.

13.  How old are you?--What the?  Do I know you?

14.  Where are you from?--Is this question really necessary?  Are you asking me out on a date?

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