The Best Older Men to Date

They are generous, confident, charismatic, and enjoy your company!  There are not nearly enough of these older gentlemen around who sincerely love their companions.  These men are attentive, supportive and most of all most wanted! 

Mature men don't play mind games, they have no need.  Their behavior, wealth, and associations speak for themselves.  If you are genuinely interested, they will reach out and work with you to meet.  But those that have secrets, past baggage, emotional, and physical challenges are the ones you may not get along with. 

Tips Dating Older Men, Younger Women

Some older men have a way of projecting their short-comings on to others.  When issues arise that they may have caused by the time the conversations comes to an end, they have turned their mistakes, lies, and more on to their partners.  This is one of many reasons why some simply can't keep a quality connection with anyone not exes or current lovers. They don't hold themselves accountability to anyone or anything they don't believe truly matters to them.

As a younger woman (in the past) who dated many older men, I can tell you that the ones I went the distance with until I grew weary of them were the nice, patient type.  They weren't filthy rich guys just men who made a steady income and knew how to save money and make small investments.  I really didn't care much about their material assets because I knew I would have to do a lot to get a little.  Rather, I was captivated by their minds and looks for their age.  I was also interested in learning from them and utilizing their knowledge to meet my needs.  Hence, this long-running blog for instance.

Life with a quality older man is indeed great.  What I mean by quality is the kind who is honest, caring, and considerate.  But when many of the positive traits are absent in an older or younger man, you are better off cutting the guy off sooner rather than later.  One can typically feel from the start that the relationship is merely temporary.

Older men who make for good friends tend to be:  lonely men, generous men, men who have already had families, men who wish they had daughters, and men who have never dated someone very attractive.  These men tend to make time for the women they enjoy their companionship and appearance.  However, like with all men, they have their share of traits that might be misconstrued for care, but really turn out to be power and control tactics. They might want to see you often, rush to marry you, impregnate you, use money and assets to control, etc.  Watch for power and control signs.

So the best older men to date are those who treat you like you want to be treated.  Anything else and you are just settling!

Nicholl McGuire
Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

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