Younger Women Older Men - Age Gap Dating Some will Never Understand

No matter how many reasons one states as to why younger women should or shouldn't date older men, the fact remains it happens and every situation is different.  There are those reasons that the general public knows about and those reasons that lie within the individuals themselves who date younger, older.  From a past of hurt to economic reasons, one who is young dating older, doesn't enter into a relationship for nothing.  Yet, in time, for many age gap couples that's what it ends up, a dead end.  This is what you don't find out about until years later after all the newness wears off.  Yet, the older man dusts himself off after a break up and keeps trying anyway as well as the young woman.  They set their sites on someone else who doesn't mind having a May-December relationship.

Young women get older, older men get older.  The two experience various personality changes, life challenges, and other issues over their courtship that aren't easily understood.  The older man is in a different place in his life and so is his younger partner.  No youthful person full of energy is going to want to retire to a life of boredom for long.  Sure, money keeps anyone interested for a time, but when it isn't there like it once was, the personality has to outweigh the finances and oftentimes with many older men, they just don't have it like they use to, ask their ex-wives!

So many older individuals work for years only to retire without a plan that motivates them to keep living.  They find themselves often parked in front of a television set or computer screen feeding their faces and when they aren't doing that, they are doing something else that isn't all that fulfilling.  Rather than create their own personal satisfaction, outside of being tied to a relationship with a younger person, they dream.  "One day I'm going to...and then I will..." Meanwhile, the body increases in size and nothing gets done.

Some younger women will tolerate the fat, old white guy or some other ethnicity for a time, because there is something or things that those men can do for them that young, immature men can't.  If many of these young men heeded their fathers' instructions (and of course came from a good gene pool) just maybe more could land the older man's hot woman.  But so many, look at the younger women, older men dating relationship with jealousy in their eyes like a child with his or her face pressed up against a toy store window, "I wish..."  Keep wishing!

One must get his or her life together, put each piece in place and be at the right place at the right time to get noticed in order for a beautiful young woman to even think about dating him or her. Working on one's self is a process and an older man has decades of experience doing just that.  He learns and then he puts what he knows into practice while an ignorant, wild young man groans, "I don't want to do that...I don't feel like it...what if...I'm outta here!"  Why would any woman want to bother with a lazy, unpredicatable, immature, and most likely crazy young man who has nothing, but something in between his legs?  In order for any woman, young or old, to respect a man, he has to prove his worth.  So the next time someone says, "Why is that pretty young woman with that ugly old guy?"  Know this, that ugly, old guy has proven his worth--he thinks of himself better than most, has accomplished much due to years of working on building himself up and others, while reaping the rewards from his efforts.  Unwise young men, watch and learn.

Nicholl McGuire  

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