10 Tips on How Do You Know When an Older Man is Uncomfortable Dating, Committing to You

When some older men choose to date younger women, they are apprehensive at first.  These are the men who haven't dated anyone decades younger, because for years they have been preoccupied with their own age group or older.  Their discomfort with dating someone younger is due to many things including not being confident in who they are, nervous about what others might think, fighting feelings of incompatibility or inadequacy, and a host of other emotions.

A young woman might pick up on some signs that an older man may not be sold out on dating her and may call the relationship off before he does.  Here are some reasons that would make any woman (young or old) not want to continue dating a man insecure about the age gap. 

1.  He doesn't mention bringing you around family or friends.

Repeated conversations might have come up about family and friends yet he doesn't take you anywhere around these people.  He might make promises to meet them one day, but somehow he finds a way to get out of making arrangements.

2.  He avoids planning outings where you are both seen together by those he knows.

He knows how his favorite relatives and friends are going to react so to save himself and you the embarrassment he just doesn't find meeting them important at this time.  Some men know they are not yet over exes and may be exposed on their lies, so rather than risk their young dates disconnecting from them, they will keep the keys to the truth hidden in this case people who know them well, family.

3.  He prefers taking you to places that appear out of the way, distant.

Does your partner have something to hide?  Bring up places you like to go repeatedly.  Don't be shut down by his suggestions.  If he doesn't make room for your input now, what makes you think he will later?  You have a right to a good time with anyone you choose not to a hidden romance with possibly a controlling and manipulative person.  So find out what is his reasons for putting off all your suggestions to visit together certain areas.

4.  He often talks about how young you are.

Run.  His view isn't going to change when you are 30 plus and active and he is 50 plus slowing down and not so active.  He knows he shouldn't have opened that door up to a younger woman and most likely people around him are telling him he needs to find women his own age.

5.  During disputes he comments, "You are stupid, act like child...why do I bother dating girls?"

Once again, he wanted to date you and now he complains about you.  No one has time to diagnose a head case.  Of course, you are going to act young, because your are YOUNG.  And the opposite of young is old.  He ought to act his age and stop with the name-calling.  Say bye, Felicia!

6.  He appears nervous and uncomfortable when you speak to others in his presence.

Is he worried that you might sound immature to his circle?  Is he concerned you might talk too much?  Is he ashamed of how much more intelligent you might be compared to him?  Now how long is his negative demeanor supposed to last?  Don't hold up your life for the man who doesn't feel comfortable in your presence--move on.

7.  He acts confused, even rude, when you explain to him what your age group likes.

Of course he can't relate to a person 10 plus years younger if he doesn't bother reading or watching anything you and your group finds interesting.  He is clueless!  His age really begins to show when he starts talking about things from back in the day that you can't wrap your head around.  Unless you and he are willing to find common ground, there will be none in personal interests, business, parenting, etc.  Take a moment and research what it was like for him growing up, being a young man, and what he did during the age you are right now, you will learn a lot about why he carries the views he has about women, sex, communication, lifestyle, and more.

8.  He often says things like, "You need to grow up!  Are you wearing that?" it's as if he is pressuring you to act and dress older.

Once again he is showing just how much he is not on board with the age gap relationship.  Rather than accepting it, he turns it into a father daughter connection. Ugh!  Can we say, controlling!?

9.  He starts to talk negatively about marriage and family and how much of a burden you and other people, places and things in his life are, we have a problem, Houston.

There is a lot said when nothing is said.  Maybe he hasn't verbalized anything but his gradual disinterest says it all.  Yet, if he has shared some mean-spirited comments about everything from who you are to parenting practices, it is safe to say he wants out.  Some men should have never even entertained the thought of marriage and children for themselves--they are ill-equipped emotionally and physically.  Not every man or woman is meant to be married and have children especially when they have a history of not wanting to be either/or. 

Look back on the months and years being with the older man and you will see just how much he has changed.  If he is a better person as a result of the marriage and family planning, bravo!  But if he is nit-picking, complaining, and placing blame on you as well as other women including his own mother, time to redirect your attention to greener pasture.  Men like this only get older and grumpier about their life choices.

10.  He has made it plain that he doesn't like or love you for any number of reasons he has came up with and none has anything to do with the fact that he is older.

Of course, he has to find everything that is wrong with you and not him.  He has to run from the fact that he had no business dating/marrying you in the first place.  Most likely he was forewarned by loved ones early on that most age gap relationships don't last.  They questioned him, "What do you want with that young woman?"  And we all know what many older, single men or newly divorced ones want other than friendship, sex and to relive those days when they had a crush--aww, not!  You weren't put on this planet to be anyone's temporal fantasy.  So you awaken to the truth and most likely you slammed the older man with something like, "There is more to me...You are just using me since you want to say all I want is your money...well that isn't all I want...I want more out of life!  And it would have been nice to be with someone who genuinely loved me and treated me with respect.  I am not responsible for your insecurities when it comes to dating or being with young women.  Get over yourself and be the kind of man you claim to be!"

When he met you young woman, he knew you didn't have as much money as he, may not have owned or drove a fancy car, lived with roommates or alone, had debt possibly up to your eyeballs, yet you looked very attractive--far more better looking than other women he dated and youthful too.  So he didn't want to pass up the opportunity when you gave it to him.  Now he has second thoughts, third thoughts, and whatever other doubts about being with you.  It is what it is, right?  Now the ball is in your court, what to do?  I think you know the answer to that question.

Here's to a successful future!

Nicholl McGuire


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