A Foolish Older Man and His Younger Girlfriend

He was a tall, handsome guy. The crows feet around his eyes and his balding head was no problem for this young woman in her early 20s. He was in his early forties and divorced. He had an eight year old child. The couple met at a night class. He commented on how attractive she was and she blushed.

The young woman was seeing someone at the time, but the relationship was rocky considering that her young partner was in jail at the time. She didn't see a future with him, so the older man represented the foundation she needed in her life at least for the moment.

They talked about their college experiences, they had fun going to nice restaurants, and they were actually head over heels in love with the idea of being in love. However, it wouldn't be too long before he started acting foolish.

She was in her dorm room one day studying and received a phone call. It was her older man friend. He was downstairs wanted to come up to see her. She met him downstairs but didn't like his red eyes. She interviewed him on the way up to her room while riding the elevator, "What were you up to?" She asked. "Oh just hanging out with the guys and thought I would stop by." She was thinking he should have never showed his face looking obviously drunk. "Did you have to come over looking like this?" He laughed and proceeded to kiss her with breath smelling like a bar. They reached her dorm room and he started small talk about his experience with the guys what this one said and what that one did. She wasn't amused. She wanted him out her room. He wasn't ready to go. He played with her, hugged on her and tried to stick his penis in her. She wasn't interested told him no and repeated it several times. Fortunately, he got the message when she got a bit aggressive. He wasn't in any position to fight. He was drunk. She told him he had to leave. He said he would call her later.

The next day he was very apologetic. She lost all respect for him. It was too easy to dismiss him because he was older and younger men were presently in pursuit of her. She reasoned, "Why bother with a balding old man when I can be with a younger one who probably would respect me and my space."

As the old saying goes, "No Fool like the old Fool."[1732 T. Fuller Gnomologia)

by Nicholl McGuire

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  1. I think you missed the verb tense in "She lost all respect for him", for it reads is as if she lost all respect for him only the next day, when he was apologetic, or perhaps because he was apologetic.
    If she lost all respect for him when he was over the night before, drunk and obnoxious, then the sentence needs to read , "She had lost all respect for him."


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