Dating an Older Guy, Young Woman

Dating older is not a bad thing, but it can be if you are breaking the law.  A mature man dating a young woman can be an enriching experience, but not when she has a child's mindset or worse a body that is not fully developed (and if so she is a child and not a woman).

As I write, I think of so many young girls who desire to be with older men, but they don't realize that there is far more they have to do besides look pretty and spend their money.  Mature men want quality companions who eventually might help with chores, possibly procreate with them, and emotionally and financially assist.  This is a lot to ask from someone who has barely left home and still very much relying on parents and/or grandparents to bail them out of situations.

So I guess what I most want to say is think before you target someone who has yet to get his or her life in order--the way he or she desires.  A man who is fresh out of a relationship, has children from previous relationships and busy with work needs time for himself contrary to what he might tell the young lady.  A woman who is still in school, dependent on family, and doesn't have much to offer will sooner or later resent connecting with an older man who can't do much for her but buy a few gifts when he feels like it and provide periodic sex.

Dating older or younger is a great thing when two people have their personal and professional lives in order.  But if not, it can be such a hardship.

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Advice for the Mature Man Dating Young Women - Watch out for the Needy Woman

Courting a needy woman is an added stress for many mature men who are set in their ways.  Author and Motivational Speaker Nicholl McGuire brings awareness to the woman who wants far too much than she gives.  The Needy Woman


Did You Buy The Right Gift - Older Dating Younger

You know you didn't do well shopping for a partner if you made any of the following mistakes:

1.  You bought something without knowing his or her size.

2.  You assumed that your friend would like something but didn't bother to ask about allergies.

3.  You thought you picked the perfect gift, but did you check to see if he or she got it already?

4.  You didn't do any detective work.

5.  You barely know this person and are hoping for the best.

6.  You didn't test it to see that it worked.

7.  You didn't bother to check to see what else you need to buy for it.

Keep in mind an age gap is significant when you don't have a clue what a person likes in his or her age group or you presume that because he or she is a certain age that the gift is appropriate. 

Take the time to be sure you really got a good gift before presenting it.  If it isn't a good one, apologize and offer to make it up to him or her.

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Date Again and Feel Happy Doing So

So the last date didn't work out and neither did those others before.  Well if you gave yourself a nice long break, you can get back out and wade around a bit in the dating pool if you are in the mood.  However, if you are still angry about the last time you went out with someone, still grieving over an ex, and don't know what the future holds, keep all the confusion and dysfunction to yourself!

Happy and confident older men and younger women have issues of their own to deal with and the last thing they want are negative people in their lives using them as a dumping ground for everything that hurts.  These are good times for many people due to all the merry-making, but also not so good for others.  If you are just not in the mood to date, then stay out the game awhile longer, but if you are carefree and single again, then start drafting a new dating profile, get a fresh photo up, and start browsing some online dating sites!  Check out our sponsor to the right of your screen.

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Married for Material Wealth, Success? A Spiritual Perspective

Some marry for material wealth.  They are greedy and manipulators.

Be careful not every man is okay with women seeking benefactors.

Think before you take the leap!

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Too Much Time to Himself - The Older Man May Not Adjust Well to Family Life

There are many young women with young children entering into relationships with independent, childless older men.  It seems on the surface that it is a great connection, because the women don't have to be concerned too much about having more children since they already have one or more.  However, some women do end up having children with these once lonely men who don't always welcome their new life.

Stubborn men are set in their ways.  Players don't want to give up on having multiple partners.  Abusive men don't need the added stress of a woman or babies, yet they go out seeking their next victims anyway.  Workaholic, child-free men find small children and needy women quite annoying and liabilities.  All of these selfish men are in dating pools all over the internet and offline and so when they hear the news, "We are expecting," not all are the least bit happy even if they pretend to be.

Some men have spent far too much time in their youth living as bachelors.  They are not the least bit skilled in caring for children and tending to young women in need of assistance.  They have to work hard to change their mindsets in order to appreciate the value in settling down.  This isn't always easy and sometimes it takes awhile before a young woman can see that her mature mate really isn't interested in the family life.  There are those men who do adjust and go on about their lives with occasional challenges related to relationships and parenting.

It is unfortunate to learn later rather than sooner about an older man not wanting or appreciating his family, but when the writing is on the wall, you might as well read it.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and She's Crazy


Older Men Avoid Acting Younger to Appease Your Dates

Another date and this time the mature man wants to show off his new, youthful vocabulary as well as some jeans and a top that would look much better on a man half his age (sigh).  It's obvious the poor man is trying too hard to connect with the younger woman.

Some young women are immediately turned off when older men attempt to charm them by acting like they know a bit much about their age group.  They converse in such a way to sound hip and dress as if they are up on the latest trends.  Admittedly there are a number of older men who do a good job of fitting in with the younger crowds, but they also attract just what they deserve immature youth.

The key to connecting with any woman (young or old) is to be as close to yourself as you can especially during those early dates.  Let the lady figure out whether she wants to continue to meet or not.  At least you are showing her that you are confident enough in yourself to be yourself!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of She's Crazy, a book for men who have been used and abused by women.


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For years now we have populated this blog with some of the best dating resources, videos, and expert opinions on the subject of older men dating younger women and vice versa.  We hope that you have enjoyed this material.  In the future, we plan to share more useful information to not only connect wise, older and handsome men with sophisticated young, attractive women, but also to maintain these relationships.  

Many connections end up moving from casual dating to serious commitments.  If you are interested in exploring this kind of dating, feel free to educate yourself about this subject.  We have plenty of information to help.  Although we know, some men enjoy dating people who are very young, we do not encourage connections that are under the age of 18.  We strongly advise against it and hope that our visitors will respect our stance. 

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