Welcome to Tips on Dating Older Men, Young Women

For years now we have populated this blog with some of the best dating resources, videos, and expert opinions on the subject of older men dating younger women and vice versa.  We hope that you have enjoyed this material.  In the future, we plan to share more useful information to not only connect wise, older and handsome men with sophisticated young, attractive women, but also to maintain these relationships.  

Many connections end up moving from casual dating to serious commitments.  If you are interested in exploring this kind of dating, feel free to educate yourself about this subject.  We have plenty of information to help.  Although we know, some men enjoy dating people who are very young, we do not encourage connections that are under the age of 18.  We strongly advise against it and hope that our visitors will respect our stance. 

Thanks for your support and feel free to share this site with someone who might be interested in dating older or younger.

To your success!

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