Dating an Older Guy, Young Woman

Dating older is not a bad thing, but it can be if you are breaking the law.  A mature man dating a young woman can be an enriching experience, but not when she has a child's mindset or worse a body that is not fully developed (and if so she is a child and not a woman).

As I write, I think of so many young girls who desire to be with older men, but they don't realize that there is far more they have to do besides look pretty and spend their money.  Mature men want quality companions who eventually might help with chores, possibly procreate with them, and emotionally and financially assist.  This is a lot to ask from someone who has barely left home and still very much relying on parents and/or grandparents to bail them out of situations.

So I guess what I most want to say is think before you target someone who has yet to get his or her life in order--the way he or she desires.  A man who is fresh out of a relationship, has children from previous relationships and busy with work needs time for himself contrary to what he might tell the young lady.  A woman who is still in school, dependent on family, and doesn't have much to offer will sooner or later resent connecting with an older man who can't do much for her but buy a few gifts when he feels like it and provide periodic sex.

Dating older or younger is a great thing when two people have their personal and professional lives in order.  But if not, it can be such a hardship.

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