Older Men Avoid Acting Younger to Appease Your Dates

Another date and this time the mature man wants to show off his new, youthful vocabulary as well as some jeans and a top that would look much better on a man half his age (sigh).  It's obvious the poor man is trying too hard to connect with the younger woman.

Some young women are immediately turned off when older men attempt to charm them by acting like they know a bit much about their age group.  They converse in such a way to sound hip and dress as if they are up on the latest trends.  Admittedly there are a number of older men who do a good job of fitting in with the younger crowds, but they also attract just what they deserve immature youth.

The key to connecting with any woman (young or old) is to be as close to yourself as you can especially during those early dates.  Let the lady figure out whether she wants to continue to meet or not.  At least you are showing her that you are confident enough in yourself to be yourself!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of She's Crazy, a book for men who have been used and abused by women.

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