Too Much Time to Himself - The Older Man May Not Adjust Well to Family Life

There are many young women with young children entering into relationships with independent, childless older men.  It seems on the surface that it is a great connection, because the women don't have to be concerned too much about having more children since they already have one or more.  However, some women do end up having children with these once lonely men who don't always welcome their new life.

Stubborn men are set in their ways.  Players don't want to give up on having multiple partners.  Abusive men don't need the added stress of a woman or babies, yet they go out seeking their next victims anyway.  Workaholic, child-free men find small children and needy women quite annoying and liabilities.  All of these selfish men are in dating pools all over the internet and offline and so when they hear the news, "We are expecting," not all are the least bit happy even if they pretend to be.

Some men have spent far too much time in their youth living as bachelors.  They are not the least bit skilled in caring for children and tending to young women in need of assistance.  They have to work hard to change their mindsets in order to appreciate the value in settling down.  This isn't always easy and sometimes it takes awhile before a young woman can see that her mature mate really isn't interested in the family life.  There are those men who do adjust and go on about their lives with occasional challenges related to relationships and parenting.

It is unfortunate to learn later rather than sooner about an older man not wanting or appreciating his family, but when the writing is on the wall, you might as well read it.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and She's Crazy

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