Did You Buy The Right Gift - Older Dating Younger

You know you didn't do well shopping for a partner if you made any of the following mistakes:

1.  You bought something without knowing his or her size.

2.  You assumed that your friend would like something but didn't bother to ask about allergies.

3.  You thought you picked the perfect gift, but did you check to see if he or she got it already?

4.  You didn't do any detective work.

5.  You barely know this person and are hoping for the best.

6.  You didn't test it to see that it worked.

7.  You didn't bother to check to see what else you need to buy for it.

Keep in mind an age gap is significant when you don't have a clue what a person likes in his or her age group or you presume that because he or she is a certain age that the gift is appropriate. 

Take the time to be sure you really got a good gift before presenting it.  If it isn't a good one, apologize and offer to make it up to him or her.

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