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When we have this desire to step out of our comfort zones and try something different, we don't always consider the possible consequences and disappointments of our actions, and sometimes we don't believe that there is anything wrong in what moves us. 

There are moments in our lives that we are simply tired of the way things have been and we seek change.  To be in an age gap relationship is something new and different for many.  But like with all relationships, it comes with it's share of challenges.  Some will like you, others won't.  Today you are in love, tomorrow not so much.  The past is behind you, the future might look bleak.  You get the point if you have been in a relationship with someone younger or older for some time now.

On this blog, there are many videos and articles that share insightful tips on May-December romances.  Some of the advice is humorous and other information quite serious.  Just as there are good people in this world, there are also bad ones.  It is up to all of us to be on the look out for the strange, abusive, crazy, and dangerous in our presence and then proceed to safeguard ourselves and loved ones.

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Over 24 and Considered "Too Old" for the Old Guy While He Let's Himself Go

Everyone is entitled to his or her dating preferences.  If you like them young and you are 50 plus so be it.  If you like them old and you are 20 plus, that's your prerogative.  But what isn't cool is when one is vicious about calling women, who are still relatively young, old when he (or she) is visually and physically old.  What nerve some have?  It's almost laughable to see someone who is out of shape, miserable, and often weary from a cozy office job talk about what women, younger than he, look like and how he only dates younger, sexy and beautiful women.

It's time for attractive women whether young or old to raise the bar!  Far too many ladies are settling for men who don't bother to keep themselves up.  They tolerate, not only an unattractive looking guy, but sometimes those who could barely take care of themselves financially much less a woman. Is it really hard to meet people in the dating world or is the Internet just too d*mn convenient to get hooked up with whoever whenever?

A woman whether over 24 or younger is still a human being that can be a good friend or your worst nightmare depending on how you treat her.  She can shower a mature man she is really into with much love and kindness as long as he respects her, but the day he doesn't, her personality changes and things are typically never the same. If the old guy insults his date with comments about how old she is, what she knows or doesn't know for her age, or makes comments about certain parts of her anatomy getting "older," he will eventually kiss that partner goodbye.  You can only get away with saying so much if you are fit yourself, attractive, and successful.  

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Does Your Date Make Less Money than You?

The longer you date someone, the more you learn about him or her. You begin to find out things that aren't so flattering and you start to wonder whether you want to continue to date this person. One thing that can turn into a big issue later is when a date makes less money than you. Now sometimes this isn't a problem if he or she is good about managing what little he or she has. But when this person doesn't make much money, sooner or later low funds will affect you and your wallet.

Consider the many things one wants to do while dating. Most of these travel plans cost money. Does your date have a savings toward making any of his or her wishes a reality or is this person expecting you to foot the bills?

When it comes to eating out and at home, who is often putting out the money? Does this bother you? If it does and you have been hiding your feelings about it, you might want to start discussing your concerns before things get any more serious. If you started out paying most of the bills in the dating phase, know that your role most likely won’t change as the relationship gets older.

A man or woman who is use to being taken care of is usually attracted to people willing to meet his or her needs. What is your date’s history? Has his partners typically been older or younger? This is significant because chances are if you are older, he or she has some other underlying issues and being with someone mature makes him or her feel mentally and physically secure. Sometimes a date is thrown into a role he or she didn't plan on playing out i.e.) Sugar Daddy, Father, Sugar Momma, Mother.

You will know when the connection with a date is more about material wealth then it is about love when he or she does the following:
  1. The person never offers to pay for anything while you are out.
  2. He or she doesn't appear to love or even like you much, but when you pull out your wallet, there is much attention and affection thrown your way.
  3. You can’t have a conversation with him or her without it involving money or you assisting him or her in some way.
  4. Your date acts very needy, pouts, and does things that irritate you when it comes to purchases you have made with your money.
  5. The date doesn't bother to save any money and expects you to bail him or her out.
Once you see the truth, here’s what you will need to do:
  1. Scale back on the gift-giving.
  2. Don’t offer your date any financial assistance or service. Observe how he or she handles matters.
  3. Plan to attend events and travel, but ask for contributions from your date if he or she would want to go along. If the date doesn't help, go without him or her.

Life is too short to permit someone to take advantage of your kindness. Be sure that anyone you date whether they make less or more money is someone that sincerely loves you for you!

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The Young Woman who Runs from Her Father to the Older Guy

She isn't attracted to the older man for the sake of being attracted to him, this perceptive young woman is running to him because he is a kind, sweet, caring version of what she wished her own father to be.  Everything isn't about sex and money with this particular lady.  She is quite content with or without those things, just so long as the older guy is attentive and makes her feel special and secure, he wins and angry dad loses.

Dad should have seen it coming long ago.  When he walked past his daughter as if he didn't see her or when he sat in front of the television screen far too long while never bothering to ask, "So how was your day in school?"  He should have known that he would be unimportant in her life sooner rather than later, because he could care less about his daughter's lifestyle unless it some how involved him.

The mature man, who might have a daughter of his own, is not only going to embrace the youthful beauty, but he is going to care for her (while possibly pitying her) in a way that she wants.  The troubled older man might use the woman's pain to benefit him while creating the illusion he is safe. Either way, if the man, who might be a possible father himself, isn't close to his own daughter, somehow this young lady will fulfill his emotional disconnect from his own offspring.

Some mothers, who are about the same age as their daughters older boyfriends, are disturbed by their choices in older men sometimes.  They might look like their husbands or exes, act in similar ways, or do things that make them hurt inside for their daughters. These discerning mothers see through some of these older men like looking through a glass store front.  Sure, they look good on the outside, but upon closer inspection, "What does this guy really want with my daughter?  Is he just as troubled as she?  Is someone or something absent in his life too?"

It isn't easy for some age-gap couples, because people change like they do in other types of relationships.  What once served its purpose during the courtship will one day be reviewed and replaced with something new, and if what is being offered is dismal, dissatisfying, or downright wrong, someone will wake up and the relationship will surely come to an end.  

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May-December Relationships - When It Comes to Dating: Age is Just a Number or is it?

When young women meet older men or vice versa, they will talk about how age is just a number and who cares about the age gap, and how much they love their partners. They could care less about the years their dates have been on the planet. Most observers understand these age gap relationships, while others not so much—especially when the person who is dating someone older is their daughter or son. Families don’t tend to embrace the age gap relationship as well as some would have you to believe. Parents, grandparents and other relatives want to see their loved ones happy, but they don’t always like the choices they make in mates particularly when the dates are as old as they. Of course, the happy couple doesn't care what the critics say, they love one another. But age does eventually play a part in the relationship.


The older partner that has experienced much in his or her life is sometimes not open to discussing the possibility of being married once again which will make those who find marriage important bristle. The mature date knows what marriage means and is not at times happy about the idea of making yet another promise that he or she might not be able to keep, so he or she will drag out the relationship promising to commit one day. A young person that has never been married before will be tempted to add pressure to an already intense situation causing the older person to put off getting married.


A young person who has never had children is typically open to the idea which might stimulate an increase interest in getting married sooner rather than later. He or she wants to feel secure in knowing that a partner will be around to help parent the children. However, the one who has been there and done that isn't so excited about the possibility of having yet another child. This person might reflect on a time of much struggle, be concerned about the baby’s needs affecting his or her work and bank account, and avoid the topic because he or she doesn't like the idea or want to be a part of it.

Life experience

As much as some would like to think that life experience has no bearing on a May-December relationships, it does! The more mature a man or woman is the more knowledge he or she has about life. Sometimes people will change during their evolution of maturing. A young person is more likely to change his or her mindset, personal goals, and more than an older partner. He or she isn't typically settled and will not be too happy if he or she feels like an the mature mate is attempting to hold him or her back. Until the pair is in similar places in life, the relationship will be challenged.

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Too Much Talking About Your Young Lady or Older Guy?

Some best friends, relatives, co-workers, and others aren't the least bit interested in connecting with an older man and younger woman dating one another.  Some have acted strangely, others have closed off circles, while a few might have faked support.

One of the biggest mistakes a couple makes in an age gap relationship is talk about one another a little too much to those in their inner circles.  Revealing things like personal issues they have with one another to how they act when it comes to sex, too much information will cause some healthy couples to put up their signs, "Keep away."

Friends, who have known each other for decades, begin to grow distant but the distance can increase even more when a buddy keeps talking about his "Pretty young thing...how she makes me feel...I just love when she...I don't like it when she..."  Some friends become jealous while others just don't want to hear things about the young woman in almost every conversation.

The young woman, who is excited about dating the older guy with money, loses her friends over time because, she too likes to run her mouth about what she receives from him, what she likes and doesn't like about the man.  The pair belong together, at least for a time, until one or both isn't so positive about the relationship.

Funny, how time flies when you're having fun!

Nicholl McGuire


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