The Young Woman who Runs from Her Father to the Older Guy

She isn't attracted to the older man for the sake of being attracted to him, this perceptive young woman is running to him because he is a kind, sweet, caring version of what she wished her own father to be.  Everything isn't about sex and money with this particular lady.  She is quite content with or without those things, just so long as the older guy is attentive and makes her feel special and secure, he wins and angry dad loses.

Dad should have seen it coming long ago.  When he walked past his daughter as if he didn't see her or when he sat in front of the television screen far too long while never bothering to ask, "So how was your day in school?"  He should have known that he would be unimportant in her life sooner rather than later, because he could care less about his daughter's lifestyle unless it some how involved him.

The mature man, who might have a daughter of his own, is not only going to embrace the youthful beauty, but he is going to care for her (while possibly pitying her) in a way that she wants.  The troubled older man might use the woman's pain to benefit him while creating the illusion he is safe. Either way, if the man, who might be a possible father himself, isn't close to his own daughter, somehow this young lady will fulfill his emotional disconnect from his own offspring.

Some mothers, who are about the same age as their daughters older boyfriends, are disturbed by their choices in older men sometimes.  They might look like their husbands or exes, act in similar ways, or do things that make them hurt inside for their daughters. These discerning mothers see through some of these older men like looking through a glass store front.  Sure, they look good on the outside, but upon closer inspection, "What does this guy really want with my daughter?  Is he just as troubled as she?  Is someone or something absent in his life too?"

It isn't easy for some age-gap couples, because people change like they do in other types of relationships.  What once served its purpose during the courtship will one day be reviewed and replaced with something new, and if what is being offered is dismal, dissatisfying, or downright wrong, someone will wake up and the relationship will surely come to an end.  

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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