Does Your Date Make Less Money than You?

The longer you date someone, the more you learn about him or her. You begin to find out things that aren't so flattering and you start to wonder whether you want to continue to date this person. One thing that can turn into a big issue later is when a date makes less money than you. Now sometimes this isn't a problem if he or she is good about managing what little he or she has. But when this person doesn't make much money, sooner or later low funds will affect you and your wallet.

Consider the many things one wants to do while dating. Most of these travel plans cost money. Does your date have a savings toward making any of his or her wishes a reality or is this person expecting you to foot the bills?

When it comes to eating out and at home, who is often putting out the money? Does this bother you? If it does and you have been hiding your feelings about it, you might want to start discussing your concerns before things get any more serious. If you started out paying most of the bills in the dating phase, know that your role most likely won’t change as the relationship gets older.

A man or woman who is use to being taken care of is usually attracted to people willing to meet his or her needs. What is your date’s history? Has his partners typically been older or younger? This is significant because chances are if you are older, he or she has some other underlying issues and being with someone mature makes him or her feel mentally and physically secure. Sometimes a date is thrown into a role he or she didn't plan on playing out i.e.) Sugar Daddy, Father, Sugar Momma, Mother.

You will know when the connection with a date is more about material wealth then it is about love when he or she does the following:
  1. The person never offers to pay for anything while you are out.
  2. He or she doesn't appear to love or even like you much, but when you pull out your wallet, there is much attention and affection thrown your way.
  3. You can’t have a conversation with him or her without it involving money or you assisting him or her in some way.
  4. Your date acts very needy, pouts, and does things that irritate you when it comes to purchases you have made with your money.
  5. The date doesn't bother to save any money and expects you to bail him or her out.
Once you see the truth, here’s what you will need to do:
  1. Scale back on the gift-giving.
  2. Don’t offer your date any financial assistance or service. Observe how he or she handles matters.
  3. Plan to attend events and travel, but ask for contributions from your date if he or she would want to go along. If the date doesn't help, go without him or her.

Life is too short to permit someone to take advantage of your kindness. Be sure that anyone you date whether they make less or more money is someone that sincerely loves you for you!

Nicholl McGuire shares more relationships tips here.

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