May-December Relationships - When It Comes to Dating: Age is Just a Number or is it?

When young women meet older men or vice versa, they will talk about how age is just a number and who cares about the age gap, and how much they love their partners. They could care less about the years their dates have been on the planet. Most observers understand these age gap relationships, while others not so much—especially when the person who is dating someone older is their daughter or son. Families don’t tend to embrace the age gap relationship as well as some would have you to believe. Parents, grandparents and other relatives want to see their loved ones happy, but they don’t always like the choices they make in mates particularly when the dates are as old as they. Of course, the happy couple doesn't care what the critics say, they love one another. But age does eventually play a part in the relationship.


The older partner that has experienced much in his or her life is sometimes not open to discussing the possibility of being married once again which will make those who find marriage important bristle. The mature date knows what marriage means and is not at times happy about the idea of making yet another promise that he or she might not be able to keep, so he or she will drag out the relationship promising to commit one day. A young person that has never been married before will be tempted to add pressure to an already intense situation causing the older person to put off getting married.


A young person who has never had children is typically open to the idea which might stimulate an increase interest in getting married sooner rather than later. He or she wants to feel secure in knowing that a partner will be around to help parent the children. However, the one who has been there and done that isn't so excited about the possibility of having yet another child. This person might reflect on a time of much struggle, be concerned about the baby’s needs affecting his or her work and bank account, and avoid the topic because he or she doesn't like the idea or want to be a part of it.

Life experience

As much as some would like to think that life experience has no bearing on a May-December relationships, it does! The more mature a man or woman is the more knowledge he or she has about life. Sometimes people will change during their evolution of maturing. A young person is more likely to change his or her mindset, personal goals, and more than an older partner. He or she isn't typically settled and will not be too happy if he or she feels like an the mature mate is attempting to hold him or her back. Until the pair is in similar places in life, the relationship will be challenged.

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