Too Much Talking About Your Young Lady or Older Guy?

Some best friends, relatives, co-workers, and others aren't the least bit interested in connecting with an older man and younger woman dating one another.  Some have acted strangely, others have closed off circles, while a few might have faked support.

One of the biggest mistakes a couple makes in an age gap relationship is talk about one another a little too much to those in their inner circles.  Revealing things like personal issues they have with one another to how they act when it comes to sex, too much information will cause some healthy couples to put up their signs, "Keep away."

Friends, who have known each other for decades, begin to grow distant but the distance can increase even more when a buddy keeps talking about his "Pretty young she makes me feel...I just love when she...I don't like it when she..."  Some friends become jealous while others just don't want to hear things about the young woman in almost every conversation.

The young woman, who is excited about dating the older guy with money, loses her friends over time because, she too likes to run her mouth about what she receives from him, what she likes and doesn't like about the man.  The pair belong together, at least for a time, until one or both isn't so positive about the relationship.

Funny, how time flies when you're having fun!

Nicholl McGuire

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