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Sometimes it can be hard to say, "Sorry, you are just too young for me..."  send a message to the young woman whose mind is simply too immature for you.

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Pregnant Young Ladies and Unhappy Older Men Who Love Them then Leave Them

"That wasn't a part of the plan!  You told me you were on birth control.  Why would you do this to me?  You know I have a wife and other responsibilities!  You can't have this wouldn't.  Please tell me you wouldn't!  Think of what this will do to your life--to us!"

How many older, married men so far this year have been surprised with the news, "I'm pregnant," by young mistresses?  What about men, who never wanted children, and others who thought about it, but just didn't want to start their lives all over again?  But now they have no choice.  "Pregnant, why me?" they think.

Some older men aren't sticking around to even make the connection with their babies.  We see evidence of this when we hear of the vast amount of single, young women having babies with no fathers living with them.  Hopefully, these young women got enough information about the fathers of their children to meet up with them in family court.  These love 'em and leave 'em types move on with lives as if nothing ever happened with their young damsels in distress.  Meanwhile, the state pays for their babies and their young women's residences. Now other older men do stick around, but aren't the least bit happy about being dads especially when they are 50 plus and thinking about retirement in their 60s.  In time, they too will find a way to love at a distance with or without children, while saying goodbye to young mates.

Men in midlife, who always wanted babies, tend to be happy about their young women being pregnant.  But men in midlife, going through a tough time with bodily changes, and who are already fathers are not so happy.  They struggle with the idea they got a young woman pregnant, how they look driving a family vehicle, money challenges they face bringing children into the world, and more.

This is why some mature women will warn young ladies to protect themselves.  For they know better than most why their husbands strayed, why boyfriends are no longer loyal, and why these women couldn't stand to be with men their own age.  Middle-aged, andropausal men can be fickle like menopausal women.  The middle years are a strange time for many and they only get more strange for some while newborns cry, toddlers play, and big boys ask, "Why is dad so tired, so slow?"

Nicholl McGuire


Crazy Old Men - Why Do Young Women Bother?

Most young women know a crazy old man when they see him.  He might be unattractive, smell funny, move slow, and talk much.  These ladies might be polite and respectful to the senior citizen, but the last thing they are interested in is being with him.  But then there are some young women who look at the same crazy old man and think, "I wonder if he has a nice house, some money, know a few stars, or has a hot car I can drive?"  These women just might put up with crazy at least for awhile to impress friends, increase finances and achieve dreams.

Now some men, who believe that they still "got it" whatever "it" might be to them, won't be surprised that a young lady is taking any interest in them.  Most likely, women have told them quite a few nice things over the years about the way they look, how they behave in bed, how they talk, walk, etc.  However, older men, who have never had an "it" factor in their youth or in old age, should be concerned why would young women be acting like they are romantically interested in them?  Consider also those older men who have mental and health issues who suddenly have a flock of youthful women taking up time with them.  Observant sons and daughters of their elderly parent are going to want to know, "What's up with dad and these young women?  He's not able to do much...he isn't mentally strong, something isn't right."  Most likely, there isn't anything right about what is happening.  Adult sons and daughters should investigate.

Sometimes seniors who are beginning to lose their minds will blurt out their personal business.  They might alert young women to their money and give them access to their assets in the bank.  These irresponsible seniors will offer to assist these young ladies while telling them to keep a lid on it.  They wouldn't want sons and daughters older than their lovers to know what dear ole dad has been up to.  But a forgetful mind, wasteful living, items going missing in the home, increase in foot traffic at the residence, and secretive behavior on dad's part just might alert relatives to some funny business.

One crazy man, who unfortunately died, had an increase of young women visiting him during his latter years.  Neighbors wondered why they were so interested in the unattractive, often broke, older man living in a senior citizen high-rise building.  His private life eventually became public, especially after he passed, it turned out that he was using drugs with those young ladies and some were servicing him.  He would pay them to bring him the drugs.  These ladies would then sit with the old man and get high.  The poor man was losing his mind the more he used the drugs while causing further harm to his already bad health.  He acted strangely and didn't keep himself up prior to death, but the young addicts didn't care and neighbors said the young women weren't all bad looking either.

Crazy old men in need of love will do just about anything for a bit of attention.  With no one around who cares much for them, some end up doing despicable things.  Others find themselves in jail after chasing what they thought were young ladies, when in fact were really young girls.  But with mature attire, make-up, and what appears to be a fully developed body, who knew?  The young girls know how old they are, but due to their immaturity and some of these older men's craziness and desperate acts, the pair will take chances--the kind of risks that might put girls in hospitals and old men in jail.

Nicholl McGuire


When the Wealthy Older Man Acts Like a god in the Young Woman's Life

Her parents didn't care much for her, the young woman in need of love begins her quest to gain what she lacked growing up.  She stumbles across an older man whether online or offline, someone who can help her mentally, physically and spiritually--at least so she hopes.

Yet, for many young women in search of mates, that they believe will meet their needs, they are left feeling disappointed.  Sure, most relationships start off quite wonderful and others remain that way for years, but the unspoken truth with many is that they have resented their decisions in choosing mates.  Rather, they wish they would have made wiser choices especially when the older men begin to show their true ages.

What one has to give up in order to gain much can be quite shocking when it comes to dating older wealthy men.  Some young women have reduced their lives down to nothing more than being baby makers, maids, baby-sitters, secretaries, workers, investors, mistresses, and more.  There is no love in these relationships just expectations.  "I do for you, you do for me...and maybe you just might get more."

A young woman who has no faith, no self-esteem, broke physically, and is grappling with all sorts of family issues is easy prey for a man who is also broken mentally, physically and spiritually.  Controlling other people's lives makes some men feel complete--they feel like gods answering their followers prayers.  They expect to be praised, worshipped and given respect even when these acts are undeserving.  These controlling men enjoy not having to answer to anyone.  They will not hesitate to put up a fight, whether right or wrong, when it comes to someone or something directing their lives.  So a young woman with little education, skill, wisdom, talent, respect for herself, etc. has little, if no influence, on her mature dates.

This is why concerned relatives and friends, who know women in relationships with older men, will advise these young ladies to do things like:  focus on school, find a good job, break from a meaningless relationship, relocate, achieve dreams, travel, avoid pregnancy, marriage, and more.  Those who have made poor decisions in their lives early on know how difficult it can be to live for self once one commits to marriage and family.

A young woman with little guidance in life will look to whoever is willing to be attentive to her.  If that person is offering advice, paying her bills, protecting her, and doing other things while family and friends are often being critical, ignoring her, or showing the poor lady no love, there will always be an older man around looking to get his needs met while meeting hers for a time.  Unfortunately, some mature men don't keep up with their end of the bargain.  They lie, exaggerate, and do other things that leave a young woman feeling used and abused.  Check out Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate.

Nicholl McGuire 



Does She Really Love Her Sugar Daddy?

When does a Sugar Baby reach a point in the mutually beneficial arrangement that she is strongly considering a long-term partnership with her older beau?  The young woman has a lot to learn if she intends on maintaining some sort of arrangement with the gentleman.

Young women, who desire to get more out of their Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby arrangement, will act in ways that might later cause a breakup.  For a needy young woman, the innate passions such as: wanting to feel special, a hope of getting married, and the thought of having a baby will begin to suffocate the simplicity of just being available to a Sugar Daddy.

"I want more," she cries.  Just like a father, a Sugar Daddy will calm the young lady with words, gifts, and promises.  However, none of what he is doing will fulfill the void within.  A woman with unfulfilled dreams, no faith, unresolved issues, personality disorders, and money woes is like an open wound that never heals.  Place a Band-Aid on her and she will bleed to death.

One, who is in a Sugar Daddy arrangement, typically knows that love is one of those emotions that tends to come out of nowhere.  Depending on the kind of friend one might have, will determine whether the arrangement ever becomes a relationship.  Some Sugar Babies have to keep feelings hidden or otherwise risk losing it all.  Some Sugar Dads simply don't want to be connected or controlled by anything that sounds even a little bit like love.  Since most Sugar Daddies are involved with more than one woman, it will be difficult (almost impossible) to pen one down and keep him down.

Love feelings may be sincere or may not be between friends.  Sometimes being treated and spoiled with gifts and sex gives an illusion that one is in love, when the truth is one is in infatuation.  He or she might not be interested in living together, seeing one another daily, or planning a future.  If this is the case, love just wouldn't describe temporal emotions, but lust would.

Nicholl McGuire also maintains the blog, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.


If You Feel Bored in a Relationship, then You Should Stay and Think

If You Feel Bored in a Relationship, then You Should Stay and Think Don't be so quick to make a move just because you are bored.  Article provides useful things to help you reach a conclusion whether it is indeed boredom or something else.

Getting a Divorce to Be with the Young Lady

Your secret is safe with me, I'm not telling.  But the issue of divorce is something that many of us faced in the past.  The thoughts came into mind soon after the holidays came to an end and then by spring the paperwork was delivered.  For any number of reasons men and women say, goodbye to the past and hello to the future.

It may appear as if things are just great once the decision is reached to discontinue a current relationship.  However, some people just don't understand that when people warn, "The grass isn't greener..." they mean it.  It starts off a plush green, but in time it wears out, gets old and turns yellow.  Without turning the grass over, planting some new seed, and maintaining the ground, there will be no plush green grass anymore.  Instead, there will be holes, bald spots, bugs, and an unsightly look left behind.  Isn't this partly the reason why the marriage grew stale in the first place?  Off to go explore new pasture.

A young lady can be nice, sexy, smart, and special, but one must remember she is young.  One day she is going to realize just how good-looking and intelligent she is and how much life she has in front of her.  She will want to see what more is out there.  No matter what she says, her heart will eventually tell her different.  Why take a risk with a wishy-washy young person if a marriage might be saved?

Far too many men have prematurely ended savable marriages only to later find that if only they had been more focused on what was happening on the home-front and less distracted from what was at work, in the parking lot, on the computer screen, or at the local business maybe a wife would still be around.

Divorce has long-lasting effects while sexy and sex is temporal.  Be sure that you are willing to take care of your ex and the young lady, because both will be expecting something sooner or later that starts with a dollar sign and ends with zeros.

Nicholl McGuire 


When the Young Woman is Rude, Restless and Miserable

The writing is on the wall, she isn't much interested in her older partner like she once was.  The young woman talks rudely to him whether behind closed doors or in the public.  She often feels bored in the relationship.  In addition, her date has a good way of making her feel miserable when she is with him frequently complaining about something, acting critical of her, and showing well, his age.

The older man may not care too much about the way his lady friend feels since she still has sex with him every now and then.  But in time, he is going to grow weary of his date's negative attitude and may end the relationship--that is if she doesn't do it first.

When the young woman reaches a point of no return in an age gap relationship, it's not so much that she hates the man she is with, but she is disappointed at the change that has taken place between them.  Older men don't remain the same, they age and so do young women. 

What use to be fun, unique and interesting a year or more ago may not be anymore for any number of factors between the couple.  One would have to sit down with his or her partner to find out what has happened--that is if you still want to be in the relationship.

Nicholl McGuire also contributes to a dating blog here.


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