When the Wealthy Older Man Acts Like a god in the Young Woman's Life

Her parents didn't care much for her, the young woman in need of love begins her quest to gain what she lacked growing up.  She stumbles across an older man whether online or offline, someone who can help her mentally, physically and spiritually--at least so she hopes.

Yet, for many young women in search of mates, that they believe will meet their needs, they are left feeling disappointed.  Sure, most relationships start off quite wonderful and others remain that way for years, but the unspoken truth with many is that they have resented their decisions in choosing mates.  Rather, they wish they would have made wiser choices especially when the older men begin to show their true ages.

What one has to give up in order to gain much can be quite shocking when it comes to dating older wealthy men.  Some young women have reduced their lives down to nothing more than being baby makers, maids, baby-sitters, secretaries, workers, investors, mistresses, and more.  There is no love in these relationships just expectations.  "I do for you, you do for me...and maybe you just might get more."

A young woman who has no faith, no self-esteem, broke physically, and is grappling with all sorts of family issues is easy prey for a man who is also broken mentally, physically and spiritually.  Controlling other people's lives makes some men feel complete--they feel like gods answering their followers prayers.  They expect to be praised, worshipped and given respect even when these acts are undeserving.  These controlling men enjoy not having to answer to anyone.  They will not hesitate to put up a fight, whether right or wrong, when it comes to someone or something directing their lives.  So a young woman with little education, skill, wisdom, talent, respect for herself, etc. has little, if no influence, on her mature dates.

This is why concerned relatives and friends, who know women in relationships with older men, will advise these young ladies to do things like:  focus on school, find a good job, break from a meaningless relationship, relocate, achieve dreams, travel, avoid pregnancy, marriage, and more.  Those who have made poor decisions in their lives early on know how difficult it can be to live for self once one commits to marriage and family.

A young woman with little guidance in life will look to whoever is willing to be attentive to her.  If that person is offering advice, paying her bills, protecting her, and doing other things while family and friends are often being critical, ignoring her, or showing the poor lady no love, there will always be an older man around looking to get his needs met while meeting hers for a time.  Unfortunately, some mature men don't keep up with their end of the bargain.  They lie, exaggerate, and do other things that leave a young woman feeling used and abused.  Check out Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate.

Nicholl McGuire 

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