Does She Really Love Her Sugar Daddy?

When does a Sugar Baby reach a point in the mutually beneficial arrangement that she is strongly considering a long-term partnership with her older beau?  The young woman has a lot to learn if she intends on maintaining some sort of arrangement with the gentleman.

Young women, who desire to get more out of their Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby arrangement, will act in ways that might later cause a breakup.  For a needy young woman, the innate passions such as: wanting to feel special, a hope of getting married, and the thought of having a baby will begin to suffocate the simplicity of just being available to a Sugar Daddy.

"I want more," she cries.  Just like a father, a Sugar Daddy will calm the young lady with words, gifts, and promises.  However, none of what he is doing will fulfill the void within.  A woman with unfulfilled dreams, no faith, unresolved issues, personality disorders, and money woes is like an open wound that never heals.  Place a Band-Aid on her and she will bleed to death.

One, who is in a Sugar Daddy arrangement, typically knows that love is one of those emotions that tends to come out of nowhere.  Depending on the kind of friend one might have, will determine whether the arrangement ever becomes a relationship.  Some Sugar Babies have to keep feelings hidden or otherwise risk losing it all.  Some Sugar Dads simply don't want to be connected or controlled by anything that sounds even a little bit like love.  Since most Sugar Daddies are involved with more than one woman, it will be difficult (almost impossible) to pen one down and keep him down.

Love feelings may be sincere or may not be between friends.  Sometimes being treated and spoiled with gifts and sex gives an illusion that one is in love, when the truth is one is in infatuation.  He or she might not be interested in living together, seeing one another daily, or planning a future.  If this is the case, love just wouldn't describe temporal emotions, but lust would.

Nicholl McGuire also maintains the blog, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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