Getting a Divorce to Be with the Young Lady

Your secret is safe with me, I'm not telling.  But the issue of divorce is something that many of us faced in the past.  The thoughts came into mind soon after the holidays came to an end and then by spring the paperwork was delivered.  For any number of reasons men and women say, goodbye to the past and hello to the future.

It may appear as if things are just great once the decision is reached to discontinue a current relationship.  However, some people just don't understand that when people warn, "The grass isn't greener..." they mean it.  It starts off a plush green, but in time it wears out, gets old and turns yellow.  Without turning the grass over, planting some new seed, and maintaining the ground, there will be no plush green grass anymore.  Instead, there will be holes, bald spots, bugs, and an unsightly look left behind.  Isn't this partly the reason why the marriage grew stale in the first place?  Off to go explore new pasture.

A young lady can be nice, sexy, smart, and special, but one must remember she is young.  One day she is going to realize just how good-looking and intelligent she is and how much life she has in front of her.  She will want to see what more is out there.  No matter what she says, her heart will eventually tell her different.  Why take a risk with a wishy-washy young person if a marriage might be saved?

Far too many men have prematurely ended savable marriages only to later find that if only they had been more focused on what was happening on the home-front and less distracted from what was at work, in the parking lot, on the computer screen, or at the local business maybe a wife would still be around.

Divorce has long-lasting effects while sexy and sex is temporal.  Be sure that you are willing to take care of your ex and the young lady, because both will be expecting something sooner or later that starts with a dollar sign and ends with zeros.

Nicholl McGuire 

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