Crazy Old Men - Why Do Young Women Bother?

Most young women know a crazy old man when they see him.  He might be unattractive, smell funny, move slow, and talk much.  These ladies might be polite and respectful to the senior citizen, but the last thing they are interested in is being with him.  But then there are some young women who look at the same crazy old man and think, "I wonder if he has a nice house, some money, know a few stars, or has a hot car I can drive?"  These women just might put up with crazy at least for awhile to impress friends, increase finances and achieve dreams.

Now some men, who believe that they still "got it" whatever "it" might be to them, won't be surprised that a young lady is taking any interest in them.  Most likely, women have told them quite a few nice things over the years about the way they look, how they behave in bed, how they talk, walk, etc.  However, older men, who have never had an "it" factor in their youth or in old age, should be concerned why would young women be acting like they are romantically interested in them?  Consider also those older men who have mental and health issues who suddenly have a flock of youthful women taking up time with them.  Observant sons and daughters of their elderly parent are going to want to know, "What's up with dad and these young women?  He's not able to do much...he isn't mentally strong, something isn't right."  Most likely, there isn't anything right about what is happening.  Adult sons and daughters should investigate.

Sometimes seniors who are beginning to lose their minds will blurt out their personal business.  They might alert young women to their money and give them access to their assets in the bank.  These irresponsible seniors will offer to assist these young ladies while telling them to keep a lid on it.  They wouldn't want sons and daughters older than their lovers to know what dear ole dad has been up to.  But a forgetful mind, wasteful living, items going missing in the home, increase in foot traffic at the residence, and secretive behavior on dad's part just might alert relatives to some funny business.

One crazy man, who unfortunately died, had an increase of young women visiting him during his latter years.  Neighbors wondered why they were so interested in the unattractive, often broke, older man living in a senior citizen high-rise building.  His private life eventually became public, especially after he passed, it turned out that he was using drugs with those young ladies and some were servicing him.  He would pay them to bring him the drugs.  These ladies would then sit with the old man and get high.  The poor man was losing his mind the more he used the drugs while causing further harm to his already bad health.  He acted strangely and didn't keep himself up prior to death, but the young addicts didn't care and neighbors said the young women weren't all bad looking either.

Crazy old men in need of love will do just about anything for a bit of attention.  With no one around who cares much for them, some end up doing despicable things.  Others find themselves in jail after chasing what they thought were young ladies, when in fact were really young girls.  But with mature attire, make-up, and what appears to be a fully developed body, who knew?  The young girls know how old they are, but due to their immaturity and some of these older men's craziness and desperate acts, the pair will take chances--the kind of risks that might put girls in hospitals and old men in jail.

Nicholl McGuire

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