You Can Date a Younger Woman...

Who said that because you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s plus that you can't/shouldn't/won't date anyone younger?  Life just got interesting for many older men who have met younger women.  Until these youthful beauties came into their lives, many settled.  They went along with someone their own age or older only to regret it.  Many of these men, young at heart, knew they weren't attracted to their older partners like they were younger women, but because of the people around them putting their personal beliefs off on them and the worry of "what will my parents/brothers/sisters think" they stuck a relationship out with someone they should have never dated/married.

So many older women going through a tough menopausal experience wonder why their partners are behaving rudely, acting as if they don't want to be in relationships with them anymore while never bothering to think, "My spouse has changed.  He has grown weary of being in a relationship with me...He has moved on..."  Instead, some women so desperate to keep a man, any man, will let them play.  Play with this woman and that one until their men fall in love with their younger lovers or get them pregnant.  Now what?

Any older man, rich or poor, sweet or sour can date a younger woman if he knows how to relate to her, but can these men love them--truly fall head over heels in love with them?  Can you honestly treat her like a potential wife?  That is the question.  If worries keep you up at night, the thought that you have walked away from an older partner that you might still love or you feel uneasy about committing to a younger woman, then dating younger is just not for you.  Only the strong survive in these age gap relationships.  Yes, the young woman will be tempted by men her own age, older or younger.  Yes, the young woman might want you to commit to her and have a family.  Yes, the young woman might have daddy issues and you might be the solution to her problems.  But whatever your worry/fear, you will have to override it if you want to catch and keep a quality young woman.

The age difference does play a part at some point in the relationship between younger and older.  A man may not want anymore children, yet his young partner does.  He may have some health issues that put a damper on their sex life, and she may be in her prime.  Problems will surface, but it is up to the couple to find a way to alleviate as many challenges as possible.

Think about what you most want to do when it comes to relationships.  If you are serious about being with a young woman (notice I didn't say many women), then let it be known to her and those who matter in your life.

Nicholl McGuire


Age Gap Dating: Is the Young Woman the Needy and Greedy Type?

The rich gentleman was there when no one else was in the young woman's life.  He gave her things that no one else had.  He said things that no else ever said to her.  The young woman adores her older beau.  She is very appreciative of him and does her part to ensure that he will always be in her life.  However, the young woman can be too needy and greedy for her own good.

Often requesting her mature mate buy her things, the young lady doesn't do too much for herself like she once did.  She has grown dependent on her date to meet her needs.  Once the rich professional completes his date's list, she has created yet another for him to do.  By the time, the older man realizes how much he has done for his young partner, and for how long, he is already head over heels in love.

Some young women take advantage of older men because these men allow them to become dependent on them while encouraging greedy behavior.  They say things like, "Get whatever you you need anything else?  Would you like to get another...?"  They turn the appreciative, stable-minded young woman into an ungrateful, moody brat who cries when she doesn't get her way.  To stop such behavior, one must teach or re-teach the young woman to become more independent.  She must build a life of her own especially if she has no plans on being with her older friend for always. 

The mature man might not want to keep the young woman around in the future, so it would make sense to begin to cut down or cut off the money and gifts being given to her depending on the status of the relationship and the agreement between the couple.

As with most May-December relationships, one will have to determine are the age difference challenges worth staying together.  The wealthy man must take control of the need and greed before it suffocates what contentment is left in the relationship.

Nicholl McGuire


What He Sees in You Younger Woman

He sees your youth, beauty, and preserved innocence despite whatever abuse you have undergone.  He sees the way you smile, the way you carry yourself and hears the words that come from soft lips.  He loves the way you move.  You are a reminder of good times in his life when responsibilities were minimal. 

Young woman, you take him back to days of laughter and nights of peace.  You came along after his many life storms.  You brought your joy, peace, and patience with you.  You showed interest when the wife of his youth stopped caring and sharing.  You are something special, meant to be cherished, and never abused.

Think highly of yourself young woman, because you deserve a good man who will use his life experience to love you.  He will show you things about yourself that you could never imagine.  He will take you places that you have never been before.  He will act like your father at times even when he doesn't mean to.  You are a daughter worth his attention.  You will earn a place in his life because he will need to determine what kind of woman are you.

So stand tall, young woman, know that you don't have to act like anyone, but yourself to keep a wise, older man.  But what you do have to be is respectable, loving, polite, and caring.  Be attentive to who you are, what you look like, and what you want out of your relationship with someone older and life.

Nicholl McGuire


Younger Women Older Men - Age Gap Dating Some will Never Understand

No matter how many reasons one states as to why younger women should or shouldn't date older men, the fact remains it happens and every situation is different.  There are those reasons that the general public knows about and those reasons that lie within the individuals themselves who date younger, older.  From a past of hurt to economic reasons, one who is young dating older, doesn't enter into a relationship for nothing.  Yet, in time, for many age gap couples that's what it ends up, a dead end.  This is what you don't find out about until years later after all the newness wears off.  Yet, the older man dusts himself off after a break up and keeps trying anyway as well as the young woman.  They set their sites on someone else who doesn't mind having a May-December relationship.

Young women get older, older men get older.  The two experience various personality changes, life challenges, and other issues over their courtship that aren't easily understood.  The older man is in a different place in his life and so is his younger partner.  No youthful person full of energy is going to want to retire to a life of boredom for long.  Sure, money keeps anyone interested for a time, but when it isn't there like it once was, the personality has to outweigh the finances and oftentimes with many older men, they just don't have it like they use to, ask their ex-wives!

So many older individuals work for years only to retire without a plan that motivates them to keep living.  They find themselves often parked in front of a television set or computer screen feeding their faces and when they aren't doing that, they are doing something else that isn't all that fulfilling.  Rather than create their own personal satisfaction, outside of being tied to a relationship with a younger person, they dream.  "One day I'm going to...and then I will..." Meanwhile, the body increases in size and nothing gets done.

Some younger women will tolerate the fat, old white guy or some other ethnicity for a time, because there is something or things that those men can do for them that young, immature men can't.  If many of these young men heeded their fathers' instructions (and of course came from a good gene pool) just maybe more could land the older man's hot woman.  But so many, look at the younger women, older men dating relationship with jealousy in their eyes like a child with his or her face pressed up against a toy store window, "I wish..."  Keep wishing!

One must get his or her life together, put each piece in place and be at the right place at the right time to get noticed in order for a beautiful young woman to even think about dating him or her. Working on one's self is a process and an older man has decades of experience doing just that.  He learns and then he puts what he knows into practice while an ignorant, wild young man groans, "I don't want to do that...I don't feel like it...what if...I'm outta here!"  Why would any woman want to bother with a lazy, unpredicatable, immature, and most likely crazy young man who has nothing, but something in between his legs?  In order for any woman, young or old, to respect a man, he has to prove his worth.  So the next time someone says, "Why is that pretty young woman with that ugly old guy?"  Know this, that ugly, old guy has proven his worth--he thinks of himself better than most, has accomplished much due to years of working on building himself up and others, while reaping the rewards from his efforts.  Unwise young men, watch and learn.

Nicholl McGuire  


Seductively Dressed Beautiful Women Lie Just as Much as Any Other

Hard to believe until it happens to you.  An angel, seductively dressed to lure you to a photo and act as if she is interested in you, an older man.  She lies to gain money, fame and power then boasts to friends, "Look, what I got him to buy me!"  If she is a professional, it's hard to tell, her photo tells no one that she is intelligent, people-oriented and ready to do business.  Rather, she sells sex.  She claims that she has morals when people question who is she really after seeing her photographs.  Her appearance shouts, "I am ready for the taking."  While she claims she is a Christian, wholesome, fun to be around, honest, etc.  But her lifestyle says something totally different.  Watch out for the beautiful liars!

They are hypocrites, the all show no go, types.  Now one must not assume that all scantily dressed women are up to no good, but something is up.  No one bares anything covered or uncovered on or offline for nothing. 

The scorned, beautiful women will orchestrate a plan to rob a millionaire of his wealth.  They can put on an act, say that you said or did something that you know you didn't.  You might want to record some conversations, make a copy of a dating profile, pen dates of incidents, and consult with your legal team, just in case you detect a little crazy in that gorgeous dame you met online.

Many in our society are gullible, easily charmed by beauty.  They think, "How can someone so beautiful, be so treacherous?"  Even with an image of Satan standing right next to the beauty queen, many men will find a way to get close enough to her to undress her despite all the warning signs, "Stay away."

Save yourself some grief, any woman whether nice-looking or not, who gives off signs that she just wants a fun time, be aware.  Spend some time studying more than just her body parts.

Read Proverbs 5

Nicholl McGuire 


Why a Younger Woman should Date an Older Man?

Written from a male perspective.

If you are interested in joining the dating game as a younger woman looking for older men, then you are heading on the right path.  Older men are more mature, have more success in life, are usually further in their careers, and are overall a better companion to be with versus a younger man.  In this article you will learn why a younger woman should date an older man.

Here are five reasons why you should date an older man:

1. Maturity level – Ladies let's be serious here; younger men are just not mature.  For example, having a burping contest with your lover is not what most ladies' would consider a good time.  An older man has much more mature aspects over a younger man.  This is why when you see a young woman dating an older man, chances are she finds him a more suitable match due to his confidence in who he is and knowledge of life.

2. More successful in life – Most older men who date younger women are a bit more successful in life.  By this I mean they have goals, some own homes, have nice cars, etc.  I am not saying that this is what is important in choosing someone to date, but it shows you their overall character as a person and as someone you want to date.

3. Further in their careers - Older men are further along in their careers.  Again this is not the end all be all if they are not.   You just might have a great lover which would make up for an unimpressive income.

4. Better companion –Older men are better companions in life.  Why?  This goes back to 1, 2, and 3.  They are more mature, more successful, and further in their careers.  These things show you the character of that person and their overall companion level will be with you.

These are just the beginning stages when you ask yourself or someone else, why a younger woman should date an older man?  Again, this is just the beginning and should not be the end of the road for some daters.  If the man you are with is younger, but treats you good, that is better than being with an older man who does not treat you good.  These are decisions only you can make for yourself and only you will learn in time. 

Nobody can tell you what you need to do or who to be with in life.  You make that call.  Use this article as a guide of what to watch out for, but do not pass on something that is better.


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