Age Gap Dating: Is the Young Woman the Needy and Greedy Type?

The rich gentleman was there when no one else was in the young woman's life.  He gave her things that no one else had.  He said things that no else ever said to her.  The young woman adores her older beau.  She is very appreciative of him and does her part to ensure that he will always be in her life.  However, the young woman can be too needy and greedy for her own good.

Often requesting her mature mate buy her things, the young lady doesn't do too much for herself like she once did.  She has grown dependent on her date to meet her needs.  Once the rich professional completes his date's list, she has created yet another for him to do.  By the time, the older man realizes how much he has done for his young partner, and for how long, he is already head over heels in love.

Some young women take advantage of older men because these men allow them to become dependent on them while encouraging greedy behavior.  They say things like, "Get whatever you you need anything else?  Would you like to get another...?"  They turn the appreciative, stable-minded young woman into an ungrateful, moody brat who cries when she doesn't get her way.  To stop such behavior, one must teach or re-teach the young woman to become more independent.  She must build a life of her own especially if she has no plans on being with her older friend for always. 

The mature man might not want to keep the young woman around in the future, so it would make sense to begin to cut down or cut off the money and gifts being given to her depending on the status of the relationship and the agreement between the couple.

As with most May-December relationships, one will have to determine are the age difference challenges worth staying together.  The wealthy man must take control of the need and greed before it suffocates what contentment is left in the relationship.

Nicholl McGuire

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