You Can Date a Younger Woman...

Who said that because you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s plus that you can't/shouldn't/won't date anyone younger?  Life just got interesting for many older men who have met younger women.  Until these youthful beauties came into their lives, many settled.  They went along with someone their own age or older only to regret it.  Many of these men, young at heart, knew they weren't attracted to their older partners like they were younger women, but because of the people around them putting their personal beliefs off on them and the worry of "what will my parents/brothers/sisters think" they stuck a relationship out with someone they should have never dated/married.

So many older women going through a tough menopausal experience wonder why their partners are behaving rudely, acting as if they don't want to be in relationships with them anymore while never bothering to think, "My spouse has changed.  He has grown weary of being in a relationship with me...He has moved on..."  Instead, some women so desperate to keep a man, any man, will let them play.  Play with this woman and that one until their men fall in love with their younger lovers or get them pregnant.  Now what?

Any older man, rich or poor, sweet or sour can date a younger woman if he knows how to relate to her, but can these men love them--truly fall head over heels in love with them?  Can you honestly treat her like a potential wife?  That is the question.  If worries keep you up at night, the thought that you have walked away from an older partner that you might still love or you feel uneasy about committing to a younger woman, then dating younger is just not for you.  Only the strong survive in these age gap relationships.  Yes, the young woman will be tempted by men her own age, older or younger.  Yes, the young woman might want you to commit to her and have a family.  Yes, the young woman might have daddy issues and you might be the solution to her problems.  But whatever your worry/fear, you will have to override it if you want to catch and keep a quality young woman.

The age difference does play a part at some point in the relationship between younger and older.  A man may not want anymore children, yet his young partner does.  He may have some health issues that put a damper on their sex life, and she may be in her prime.  Problems will surface, but it is up to the couple to find a way to alleviate as many challenges as possible.

Think about what you most want to do when it comes to relationships.  If you are serious about being with a young woman (notice I didn't say many women), then let it be known to her and those who matter in your life.

Nicholl McGuire

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